Backlash against ‘throng-onslaught’ / ‘comment-bombing’ “marketing” and other tactics that make-stooge us

On this otherwise excellent (reposted) interview with Whitney Webb about why Blackrock’s foray into Bitcoin is really a wolf in sheep’s fur, Mrs Olivia Paloma (Palomafx21) has hired a team of social-media onslaughters to market her services in the annoying manner of ‘throng-onslaught’.  That’s where a team of ‘commenters’ all chime in false positive tidbits about the target product or service.  In this case that’s “Palomafx21”, presumably some kind of investment guidance program.

This comment presents the hard truth about this annoying tactic — “PALOMA should realize that this kind of ‘throng onslaught’ / fake-out marketing folds back on her, reeks like scam, and ultimately and quickly drives would-be persons away … versus just plain saying something genuine and meaningful; instead, this crap is so transparent and so obviously paid-for junk.”

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