HAWAII being “smart-citied” — Weather war land-grabs galore — HAARP floods and high-winds; DEW attack “wildphyres”; laws changed by globalist traitors

 Weather war land-grabs galore - HAWAII being "Smart-Citied"

Hawaii Being “Smart-Citied”

Weather war land-grabs galore — Floods and high-winds; DEW attack “wildphyres”; Laws changed by globalist traitors

Lahaina DEW attack “wild phyre” burnout. Oahu unusual flooding. Kauai. Kailua Kona. Maui. All targets already listed for “15-minute smart city” — Multimodal Land Transportation Plan (MLTP).

Best info sources —

@BrushJunkie (Traci) youtuber

@HawaiiRealEstate (Eric West) youtuber

@BlossomInnerWellness (Michelle Melendez) youtuber

The Healthy American (Peggy Hall) youtuber

Last American Vagabond (bitchute) interviews w/ Shelby

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