911411org Melted Vehicles Galore

911411org Melted Vehicles Galore – One picture like this alone is enough to prove 911 is nowhere near what we were told. There are reportedly over 1,400 melted, “toasted” vehicles like this, “impossibly” molten and distorted. What can cause such heat? Fire can not melt steel like this.

Melissa Doi was literally microwaved-to-death, listen to her 9-1-1 call

Doi’s dreadful recording to 9-1-1 emergency is still up on RUMBLE, allowing the morbidly curious to actually hear in real-time how a person, apparently, dies _during_ intense exposure to microwave (and/or perhaps particle beam) radiation — most chilling is her lament, “it’s very very very hot…so much smoke” and, “I can’t see air anymore” despite coughing exactly zero times during her 20-minute recording.  Microwave exposure causes ‘insta-cataracts’, literally opaque greying of the corneas; that explains her “smoke everywhere”, everything uniformly grey as the microwaves had blinded her vision. Everything, all weirdnesses including the high-heat but no fire, smoke everywhere but no coughing, and the slown asphyxiation and bewilderment, etc, are all perfectly explained most sensibly once the call is re-understood in the context of Doi having been blasted to death by microwave (and possibly particle beam) radiation.

Baltimore Key Bridge #46 – The anomalous Gusset Plates, insta-rusted and devoid of nuts and bolts as if never present

Anomalous Gusset Plates, insta-rusted and devoid of nuts and bolts as if never present. FSK Bridge was painted regularly; essentially all rust happened in month since the take-down, and probably immediately following the superheating by Directed Energy Weapons.

Baltimore Key Bridge #16 – Steel support cables radically unwound and splayed, just like the 911 elevator motors

Massive Cable Supports, Unraveled and Splayed-Out — Bundles of steel support cables radically unwound, by what force? Unwinding so radically massive steel-cable bundles that were ‘hangers’ for the roadway platform took massive energy.  From where did that energy come?