Hutchison Effect — Otherworldliness reliably recreated on-demand in the laboratory

The Otherworldly Hutchison Effect

The Hutchison Effect recreates in laboratory all observed DEW-attack-effects

  • levitation of heavy objects
  • dustification of metal and brittle materials such as ceramic, glass, porcelain
  • (presumed) magnetic moment impulse effects such as metal delamination, object inversion, localized weightlessness, molecular self-dissociation
  • cold melding together of dissimilar materials (such as bible into melted steel, below)
  • strange “phyres”
  • cold self-warping / self-distorting (“play-doh that twists itself”)
  • cold fuming (“metal on-fire”)
  • material translucence
  • material disintegration
  • superheating via eddy currents (to cause ultra-hot liquification, pooling; ignition of nearby flammables)

One requirement seemingly universal is the presence of an high-voltage gradient field inside of which the otherworldly effects are generated. Van der Graaf generators are used to create necessary high-voltage gradients in lab settings. Apparently hurricanes can be used to generate the necessary voltage gradients in nature. Note that nominal atmospheric voltage gradient is 100 volts per meter; this is greatly magnified by the presence of swirling air and other molecules caused by hurricanes, high winds, etc. Lightning is a relation, though it seemingly ‘short-circuits’ (by electrically arcing) the desired situation.

Hutchison Effect seems to fully explain in a far more energy-conservative manner the ‘otherwise impossible’ amazing anti-gravity and levitation effects commonly reportedly occurring during tornado, hurricane, etc., such as levitating otherwise intact homes, 18-wheeler tanker trucks, livestock, farm apparatus and other heavy items.

Hutchison Effect

John Hutchison, Tinkerer’s Tinkerer

The Hutchison Effect Apparatus

Electric Spacecraft Journal, issue 9, 1993, Leicester NC 28748 USA.

Hutchison Effect Apparatus by John Hutchison

The Hutchison Effect by George D Hathaway, P Eng

Rainbow In The Lab: The John Hutchison Story by Jeane Manning

Hutchison Effect

Bible fused with steel, WTC 911

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