Autopsies of SHARON TATE and the Cielo Drive Victims of the MANSON FAMILY

Autopsies of SHARON TATE and the Cielo Drive Victims

Socialities, heiresses, movie-stars, playboys, pedophiles and a drugged hippie gang.

Autopsies of SHARON TATE and the Cielo Drive Victims

Chief Coroner was Thomas Naguchi, LA County.

Steven Earl Parent

Steven Earl Parent (visitor to grounds caretaker, Bill Garretson) shot (3x, 2 fatal) and stabbed in car.

Jay Sebring

Jay Sebring was alias for Thomas John Kummer. 7 stabs; 1 fatal gunshot.

Abigail Folger

28 stab wounds to Abigal Folger (21 in official autopsy).

Interesting question — They say ‘the world is a more interesting place with more people in it’ — but it that true in this case? Removing Sebring allowed other corporations to advance [in hair care industry using identical concepts introduced by Sebring], and of course Starbucks, begun 19 months later, was [certainly] not harmed by the removal of competing coffee heiress. The rumored Jack Nicholson sex tapes vanished. Weirdos and Paedos were allowed escape. The ripples are enormous.

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Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate’s baby not stabbed or shot.

Abigail Folger. Jay Sebring. Leno LaBianca. Rosemary LaBianca. Steven Parent. Voytek Frykowski. Gary Hinman. Donald “Shorty” Shea.

I remember when these murders occurred. We were fishing at Dad’s Camp at the mouth of the Klamath River, and saw this on the front page of the newspaper. After the killers were caught, a friend of my father’s, thought that he had run into the Manson family. Dad’s coworker was married into the Mingus-Meade family that had a miner’s cabin in the Mojave desert,north of Johannesburg. One day, dad’s friend saw a yellow San Bernardino school bus, with a group of hippies pull up. The men hopped on mini bikes, and appeared to be casing the area…until they saw dad’s friend. He said to me that the women were friendly the men surely.

TRIVIA : When Polanski returned home he found a pair of Sunglasses in the home that didn’t belong there and wrongly suspected they belonged to BRUCE LEE ! because Lee had worked with Sharon on the movie “The wrecking crew ” with Dean Martin ! And he also lived in the area at the time ! Incidentally Lee Attended Sharon’s funeral !

Leslie Van Houten already walked out of a California prison after serving only 53 years of a life sentence for her participation in two infamous murders. During her time in jail, Van Houten decided to bank on the tragedy from all the media coverage and a book release. From that alone, she quietly made herself a fortune while hoping for a possibility of getting out through parole… Where is the justice when the guilty go free and profit from their crimes?

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