MK Natalie Wood

MK Natalie Wood

“Her mother tore a butterfly to pieces in front of [Natalie] to provoke the necessary tears [on cue].” — 5:12

It’s all just so rotten and distressing. I wrote about this many years ago; it’s another one of those pestering enigmas. The MK clues signal occulted intrigue. The Hollywood paedo devils were given this one yyyyyoung!

This video does not expound upon the sometimes suggested secret sexual tryst she presumably discovered. Walken Wagner Wood. LOL. Unwikewy, wabbit!

MK Natalie Wood

She slept around, married around, affaired around, floozied around, and then went back to Robert Wagner! LOL. Maybe it was a 3-way imposition rather than a homo tryst. Just musing.

The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood: Unraveling Dark Conspiracies

Natalie Wood’s tragic death by drowning off Catalina Island in 1981 has long been a source of speculation and controversy. While the official cause of death was ruled an accidental drowning, many believe there was more to the story, involving a web of dark secrets, hidden motives, and sinister undertones.

The Homosexual Tryst and Insolence Theories

One of the more salacious theories suggests that Natalie Wood may have witnessed a homosexual tryst between her husband, Robert Wagner, and her co-star, Christopher Walken. This theory posits that Wood’s discovery of this affair, coupled with her alleged insolence and potential threat to expose them, could have led to her being permanently silenced. The night of her death, Wood was reportedly in a heated argument with Wagner, which some believe was connected to this supposed affair.

Lana Wood’s Persistent Investigations

Natalie’s sister, Lana Wood, has been vocal and relentless in her pursuit of the truth. She has consistently questioned the official narrative and pushed for a deeper investigation into the circumstances surrounding Natalie’s death. Lana’s determination stems from her belief that critical details were overlooked or ignored, possibly due to the influence and power of those involved.

Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken

Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood’s husband, has always been at the center of these speculations. His account of the events that night has been scrutinized, especially after inconsistent statements and his refusal to take a polygraph test. Christopher Walken, who was also present on the yacht that night, has remained relatively silent, adding to the intrigue and mystery.

Darker Hollywood Underbelly: Paedophilia Allegations

Hollywood has long been rumored to harbor dark secrets, including allegations of paedophilia and other forms of exploitation. Some theorists suggest that Wood, like many child stars, was subjected to such abuses. This line of thinking ties into broader narratives about the entertainment industry’s hidden and often sinister practices.

The Butterfly Incident: MKUltra Connections

One particularly disturbing anecdote involves Natalie Wood’s mother, Maria Zakharenko, who allegedly tore up a butterfly in front of Natalie to make her cry on cue for a scene. This story takes on a darker significance when viewed through the lens of conspiracy theories involving MKUltra, a covert CIA program that allegedly used trauma and psychological manipulation to create mind-controlled subjects. The butterfly is often cited as a trigger symbol in MKUltra programming, suggesting that Wood might have been subjected to such conditioning from a young age.

“Brainstorm” and Occult Futurism

At the time of her death, Natalie Wood was working on the film “Brainstorm” with Christopher Walken. The movie, which deals with recording and experiencing people’s thoughts and sensory perceptions, touches on themes of futurism and the manipulation of the human mind—topics that resonate with occult and conspiracy theories. Some suggest that the film’s subject matter, combined with the presence of Walken and the mysterious circumstances of Wood’s death, adds another layer of intrigue and potential hidden meanings. The overlap of art imitating life, particularly in a film dealing with advanced technology and psychological control, has fueled further speculation about the true nature of Wood’s death.


While the truth about Natalie Wood’s death remains elusive, the layers of speculation and conspiracy theories continue to captivate and confound. From the potential motives behind her silencing to the broader implications of Hollywood’s dark secrets, the mystery endures, fueled by persistent investigators like Lana Wood and the unresolved questions surrounding that fateful night off Catalina Island. Whether or not these theories hold any truth, they paint a chilling picture of a beloved star caught in a web of danger and deceit. The connection to “Brainstorm” and its themes of mind control and futurism only deepens the mystery, suggesting a possible intersection of Hollywood’s dark underbelly with the realm of occult and advanced technologies.

“You want to die making an effort at something; you don’t want to die in some unecessary way.” – 23:05 Christopher Walken

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