Re-understanding Dr Anthony S Fauci

Re-understanding Dr Anthony S Fauci

By 1987, it is claimed by some persons that significant advancements had been made in virology, including the “discovery” and characterization of many viruses, the development of vaccines (such as those for polio and smallpox), and the identification of viruses as causative agents of various diseases. Though no in-situ photographs of viruses of any kind exist, the field of “molecular biology” is claimed to have been rapidly evolving, providing deeper insights into theorized viral structures and supposed mechanisms of infection. HIV/AIDS research was also a major focus at this time due to the claimed ongoing epidemic.

By 1987, Dr Anthony Fauci, deeply Jesuit-trained and Vatican-funded, was already in-place at NIH/NIAID, across ~40 years, or 10 US Presidential regimes.

Importantly, VIRUS means snake-bite venom; VATICAN means snake-pit. (Bill Hughes)

Historically known as poisoners and far too long “in-charge” of “higher-education”, Jesuits exist to “counter” the Protestant Reformation per an oath (said to appear in Congressional Record) to “extirpate” all non-Catholic heretics. American citizenry has always been largely Protestant; most of the world is non-Catholic. Has not America and most of the world been poisoned by recent Jesuit / Vatican intrigue?

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