Profoundly Disconcerting – FEDEX Trucks Routinely Spying for Gov via Flock Cameras – Lehto Law

FEDEX trucks Routinely Spying for Gov via Flock Cameras

Kaiser Permanente also doing the same thing. Mentioned ~5:00 in

Widespread, Routine, Warrantless Monitoring of Citizens

Going back to about 2007 or 2008, I used to work at a chemical company doing their IT. The small town our plant was in got a grant from Homeland Security to install PTZ cameras and access controls because we had “sensitive” chemicals that might be targeted by terrorists or criminals. The cameras were then linked via microwave backhaul to the police department, along with other facilities around town like the public library, other industrial facilities, and so on. And the police had the ability to not only monitor these cameras, but also control where they pointed, zoom in and out, and because it was tied into our access controls they could operate our entry gates. Fortunately these cops weren’t very tech savvy or inclined, so they’d just tell us what footage they wanted for a period of time and have us email it to them. They only asked a couple of times because the scrapyard next door had a break-in or something stolen. Or they wanted to see if it had caught footage of an accident on the roads surrounding the plant. So yeah, the groundwork for this has been there for quite some time.

“No matter what you think Technology’s limits are, it’ll go farther.” 12:00 in

video comments

The video covers three main topics: Kaiser Permanente, police departments, and Flock Technologies.

  1. Kaiser Permanente: The video touches on an incident involving Kaiser Permanente where allegations of racism emerged after a mannequin with a racial slur was found in their IT department. Kaiser Permanente is reportedly investigating these allegations to address the situation appropriately.
  2. Police Departments: The focus here is on the collaboration between police departments and Flock Technologies. Several police departments have been utilizing Flock Safety cameras to enhance their crime-solving capabilities. For example, the LaGrange, Georgia Police Department has successfully solved a homicide case using Flock cameras, which help in capturing and analyzing crucial data from various locations. The cameras have proven effective in identifying stolen vehicles and recovering firearms and missing persons in other regions【10†source】【11†source】.
  3. Flock Technologies: Flock Technologies provides advanced camera systems that assist law enforcement agencies in monitoring and analyzing traffic and criminal activities. These cameras are equipped with license plate recognition technology, which aids in locating stolen vehicles and other criminal investigations. The integration of these systems has been instrumental in improving public safety and aiding police departments in their daily operations.

The video highlights the significant impact of Flock Technologies in modern policing and the ongoing efforts by Kaiser Permanente to address internal issues related to the reported incident.

FEDEX trucks Routinely Spying for Gov via Flock Cameras

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