Baltimore Key Bridge #11 – Key Bridge stymied shipping size, traffic. Means. Motive. Opportunity. Promises. Payola. Profits.

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Key Bridge stymied shipping size, traffic

Means announced by Pres. Reagan back in 1983 and reaffirmed in 2020 by Sec. of Defense Mark Esper

Motive — Most expedient way to makeway for a taller bridge with wider supports allowing greatly increased shipping? Consider: Every objection instantly moot: Public opposition now outcry and clamor; all funding miraculously available; payola guaranteed; Key Bridge couldn’t be raised, and its pillars were already the chokepoint of the shipping channel, limiting it to one-way at a time.  Take it down and reality inverts.

Opportunity — Several “fiery outbursts”, three huge (one, 5-storys tall) and noticeable, and maybe up to six or more altogether at various points along the downed span?  Attached video shows the two largest, most obvious outbursts at the North Pillar.

Past Promises of Baltimore Shipping Grandeur & Preparations
former gov hogan
massivest shipping cranes, 4 from china, “few meters” clearance under Bay Bridge
movement of high-tension power lines


handles most cars and farm equipment in nation — 2:30 into

coal exports


Tradepoint Atlantic
Michael Moore, Wes Moore
Sparrows Point

Replacement Bridge
cable stay design
much taller, much wider footings allowing much wider shipping channel, allowing full-time 2-way traffic
no patriotic name

DEW obviated awful obstacles, inverted reality

Shipping channel constricted by pillars

BELOW: Overhead LIDAR shows a dredged deep channel limited in width by north and south pillars of the Key Bridge (the dredged channel can’t get any nearer to either the south or north main pillar footings; interesting that the channel actually goes slightly nearer to the north pillar).

Also note that the two main support pillars are concrete and steel all the way underwater; there is absolutely no surrounding “island of rocks” or protective “dolpins” or anything else — just the supports alone.  The “splash” at the water-line shown in the initial impact therefore can not be due to the ship’s keel impacting any protective “island”; however, it could be the result of the ship’s bow keel-bulb plowing into the southern edge of the shipping channel.  The ship’s plowing into the shipping channel edge could also explain its abrupt deceleration. 

Note that all video of the port-side anchor reportedly dropped before impact with bridge pillar, instead of showing the anchor chain yanked rearward as would be expected from the anchor being towed, the anchor chain instead flows vertically, as if the anchor had been dropped after impact, after the ship had basically lodged itself into the shipping channel embankment and, unfortunately, the southern main bridge support pillar.  Hopefully forthcoming SONAR+LIDAR imagery showing the bow and impact area will clarify.

Key Bridge stymied shipping

ABOVE: LIDAR of Baltimore Key Bridge reveals “choke point” due to bridge support pillar footings being too near present channel, thus preventing shipping channel from being widened — was Key Bridge destroyed in part or whole to make way for larger suspension bridge having much wider footing allowing bi-directional use of shipping lane through a wider channel?  Note also the several pylons and surrounds acting as protective “dolphins” that the cargo-ship-aka-floating-missile perfectly avoided along its near-perfect direct-hit path.

Baltimore Sun piece on Michael E Moore of Tradepoint Atlantic in Sparrows Point, Md

A New Bridge

Sadly, if this hypothesis proves accurate, instead of admitting their trick and being caught, the powers that perpetrated this suspected scheme will press-on without acknowledgment nor explanation.  The immediate gains will be made, presumably, by cronies and/or involvement in nearby salvage (Sparrows Point) and then also in redesign/rebuild; later, additional gains will go to the wealthy shareholders of the ever-growing shipping vessels and companies.  Maritime insurance laws will obfuscate (and possibly preclude) recovery of any funds outlaid, such as the $60 million already promised (and apparently outlaid) by the federal government.  If the cleanup/recovery requires another $600 million, and the new bridge costs $6 billion, there would be the expected hallmark “666”. (six billion, six hundred and sixty million)

Oprah, celebrity endorsement

Oprah, who figured in the Lahaina oddities, is a public supporter of Maryland Governor Wes Moore. 

Name-game Payola?

Coincidentally, Sparrows Point’s Tradepoint Atlantic former CEO and major force behind its redevelopment is named Michael E Moore.  The non-randomly, non-coincidentally intertwined personages are expected to matter mightily in this unfolding debacle.

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