Baltimore Key Bridge #32 – About those ‘white-hot cutting bursts’ captured by “Toby Gutermuth” in Zapruder 2.0 B-roll footage from much-closer Fort Armistead

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White-hot cutting bursts on Zapruder 2.0 B-roll

(By the way: Is that “name-game” for “gutter mouth” ?  Like Osama/Obama.)

On the other hand, the alternate view supposedly provided by “Toby Gutermuth” shows an extreme “white-hot cutting blast” at the far north end of the bridge, farther north than the North Pillar (at the most southern of the northern stacked/bi-pillars) and out of view of the main ‘official’ video.  Capture image of the white-hot outburst is followed by corroborating image captures showing the orange-hot inferno at the North Pillar.

BELOW: For timing reference.

BELOW: Showing the ‘white-hot cutting blast’ DEW attack, necessary to allow the spans cantilevered atop the North Pillar to collapse due to uneven loading.  There’s much more going on here than merely that cargo ship (a total distraction?).

White-hot cutting bursts

BELOW: Showing more of the ‘white-hot cutting blast’ DEW attack, necessary to allow the spans cantilevered atop the North Pillar to collapse due to uneven loading.  This ridiculous amount of energy was not captured by the main ‘official’ video.

BELOW: Showing more of the ‘white-hot cutting blast’ DEW attack, now fading; notice the cantilevered portions unevenly load then tilt to collapse atop the North Pillar.

BELOW: Showing more of the ‘white-hot cutting blast’ DEW attack at the bipillar just north of the North Pillar.  Substantially deformed girders will be quietly dredged from there and secreted away under cover of darkness; otherwise, if the steel has succumbed more fully or even completely to dustification, the consequent ‘massively mysterious missing mass of material’ will go publicly unreported: No evidence, no anomaly, no report!  Note the orange-hot cool-down of the white-hot super-duper-heated steel.

BELOW: Just capturing the ‘official’ note / comment posted to YouTube.

The Devastating Effects of Directed Energy Weapons on Steel and Other Materials


Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) represent a chilling frontier in modern warfare and technology. Capable of unleashing immense destructive power, these weapons can induce a range of effects on various materials, including steel, aluminum, glass, and even biological tissues. This blog post delves into the super-heating effects of DEWs, exploring phenomena like induced eddy currents, molten metal flows, and molecular dissociation.

Super-Heating Effects of Induced Eddy Currents on Steel

When DEWs are directed at steel, they induce eddy currents, which are loops of electric current generated within the material. These currents cause rapid and intense heating, often resulting in steel reaching extremely high temperatures in a matter of seconds. The sudden super-heating can cause conflagration, leading to “white-hot bursts” of plasma. This violent reaction can be visualized as a kind of “welding arc” induced by an unseen, immensely powerful welder’s torch—commonly referred to as a “Tesla deathray” or “finger of God” weapon.

During this process, oxygen in the surrounding environment reacts with the molten steel, creating fervent eruptions and swirling patterns of molten material. These eruptions are not just visually spectacular but also extraordinarily destructive, capable of reducing even the strongest steel structures to pools of liquid metal or twisted remnants.

Liquefaction of Aluminum and Its Consequences

Aluminum, known for its lower melting point compared to steel, reacts dramatically under the influence of DEWs. The intense heat generated can liquefy aluminum components, such as automotive wheels, causing them to melt and flow away from the affected areas. This liquefaction process demonstrates the unparalleled ability of DEWs to manipulate and destroy metal objects with precision and speed.

Ultra-Heating and Destruction of Automotive Glass

Modern automotive glass often contains nano-sized metal particles designed to repel sunlight and heat. However, when subjected to DEWs, these particles can cause the glass to ultra-heat. The glass may melt freely or, in some cases, sublimate directly into powder. This phenomenon illustrates the capability of DEWs to alter the molecular structure of materials, leading to their complete destruction.

Pulverization of Brittle Materials

Materials such as concrete, porcelain, and ceramics, known for their brittleness, are particularly vulnerable to the molecular manipulations induced by microwave energies. DEWs can cause these materials to transition directly from a solid state to a fine powder, bypassing the typical melting phase. This pulverization is a stark example of the extreme physical state changes that DEWs can induce, making it possible to reduce robust structures to mere dust.

Super-Boiling of Water and Biological Effects

Water within living organisms is also susceptible to the super-heating effects of DEWs. The intense energy can cause water to boil almost instantaneously, leading to the horrifying scenario of organisms boiling from the inside out. This internal boiling can cause catastrophic damage to tissues and organs, demonstrating the terrifying biological impacts of these weapons.

Conclusion: A Melee of Unnatural Effects

The effects of Directed Energy Weapons are a wicked melee of unnatural phenomena, ranging from molecular dissociation to otherworldly “extirpations.” These weapons wield a power that is both awe-inspiring and deeply unsettling, capable of causing unprecedented levels of destruction. As technology continues to advance, it is crucial to understand and address the implications of DEWs, advocating for responsible use and strict regulations to prevent their misuse in warfare and beyond.

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