DEW CLUES – Forensic Arborist Robert Brame – Tires in DEW Attacks – “it’s one or the other; there’s never a melted or partially-burned tire; they’re just missing with the steel belts left laying there.”

Tires in DEW Attacks

Forensic Arborist Robert Brame describes some of the hallmark damage and evidence remaining after DEW attacks.  He claims to have visited in 115 trips a total of 40 wildfire sites and found 37 were strongly evidenced as having been DEW attack sites.

All polyester tires survive, even on ground baked black from the microwaves.  Remember, in microwave oven, plastics and rubbers are safe.

Tires in DEW Attacks
Rubber does not burn on its own

However, steel-belted tires are always totally consumed, leaving behind only their steel belts.

Forensic Arborist

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