Baltimore Key Bridge #93 – YACA (Yet Another Captured Agency) NTSB Blaming Circuitbreakers for Phantom Ship DALI

NTSB Blaming Circuitbreakers for Phantom Ship DALI – despite two agonizing power blackouts (whilst reportedly moving at highest-allowed harbor speed of ~8 knots) causing failed engines, steering and guidance, DALI sublimely avoids all nearby concrete buttresses and both treacherously narrow, steep shipping-channel cliff-edges for the ship’s nearly entire transit until its final ‘beaching’ into the channel’s southern cliff-edge, to not just glancingly bump into a main bridge support but instead score at speed a perfect missile-like bullseye that almost instantly takes down nearly the entire bridge and severely cripples both a major trade port and transportation artery.

911411org Melted Vehicles Galore

911411org Melted Vehicles Galore – One picture like this alone is enough to prove 911 is nowhere near what we were told. There are reportedly over 1,400 melted, “toasted” vehicles like this, “impossibly” molten and distorted. What can cause such heat? Fire can not melt steel like this.