Family visit to Sears almost 50 years on – What happened since

Fascinating that 103K people tuned in to watch a family visit to Sears 47 years ago. 2K people commented. That speaks volumes!! Never thought I’d want to return to those days. And here we are, longing with tears in our eyes.”

“If you want the polar opposite of this — search for CHICAGO BE LIKE or WHITE GIRL BLEED A LOT from COLIN FLAHERTY .. or just go to the decrepit shell of your nearest mall…”

“Nobody is 50% overweight. No tattoos or “sleeves” or weird piercings or “body mods”. No LGBTQ flags nor hair colorings. What has bloomed since? Microwaves from cellphones. High fructose corn syrup. Gyphosate. Seed oils. Anything else?  Notice these are all poisons.  Which group is historically known as poisoners?  The same group that has been ‘in-charge’ of “higher-edu” for too long.  The same group that exists, literally, to “counter” the Protestant Reformation.  To understand what happened and why, maybe start there…”

“This was one-year after our country’s Bicentennial. The planned implosion of culture and country had not quite kicked-in yet.”

Driven, controlled economically — Classic hallmark American intense independence.

Compare the look, of Weary Wariness to Hardhsip —

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