Hurricane Erin – 911’s Super-secret Class-3 Manufactured Atmospheric Monster; Formidable power-source for DEW attack

Hurricane Erin, Manufactured Atmospheric Monster

Hurricane Erin (“HE”) was arguably spawned by an HAARP blast at the DEW facilities on Ascension Island, equatorial/southern mid-Atlantic.

HE was longest-lived hurricane of 2001 season.

HE was closely monitored by Navy planes flying in its eye; recorded data and information available online.

HE was beelined / directed toward NYC for 2 weeks prior to 911, and on 911 it sat 200 miles offshore for the entire day before it was directed away to the northeast.

All three NYC-area airports reported distant thunder.

10 Sep 2001 was a mighty rainstorm in downtown NYC.

HE was downplayed if not outright ignored by all massmedia “news”/weather on 911.

The Hutchison Effect recreates in laboratory all observed DEW-attack-effects — levitation of heavy objects; dustification of metal and brittle materials such as ceramic, glass, porcelain; (presumed) magnetic moment impulse effects such as delamination, object inversion, localized weightlessness, molecular self-dissociation; cold melding together of dissimilar materials (such as bible into melted steel, below); strange “phyres”; cold warping/distorting; material translucence; material disintegration; superheating via eddy currents. One requirement is an high-voltage gradient field inside of which the otherworldly effects are generated. Van der Graaf generator is used to create necessary high-voltage gradient in lab setting. Note that typical atmospheric voltage gradient is 100 volts per meter; this is greatly magnified by the presence of swirling air and other molecules caused by hurricanes, high winds, etc.

Per Hutchison Effect, major DEW attacks seem to be accompanied by some form of high-voltage atmospheric power-source (Hurricane south of Lahaina).

Hurricane Erin was presumably used as the atmospheric power-source for the DEW / particle-beam attack on the WTC in NYC on 911.

(Was a massive storm present during OKC Murrah DEW attack in 1994? …during 1993 WTC attack?)

Hurricane Erin, Manufactured Atmospheric Monster

BELOW: Hurricane Erin beeline toward NYC for two-weeks prior to 911; HE sat still for entire day during 911 and was then moved off toward northeast. HE was longest-lived hurricane of 2001 season and was studying extensively by NOAA with Navy planes flying inside the eye. HAARP RADAR ring may have been recorded in NOAA data, presumed inception location: HAARP DEW facilities on Ascension Island in southern mid-Atlantic.

Manhattan was evacuated for a Class-1 hurricane named Hurricane Irene in 2011. This event marked the first time in history that a mandatory evacuation order was issued for New York City due to a hurricane. Hurricane Irene, despite being downgraded to a tropical storm before making landfall, caused significant flooding and power outages across the city and surrounding area.

BELOW: Curiously then, the massive Class-3 Monster Hurricane Erin in 2001 garnered essentially Zero worry, very little attention from “news” weather bordering on omission; apparently it was controlled and kept in-place as power-source for DEW / particle-beam attack on WTC in NYC on 911.

NOAA Report on Hurricane Erin

During September 2001 while flying over the North Atlantic Ocean, scientists aboard NASA’s ER-2 aircraft dropped eight sensors into the area around Hurricane Erin?s eye, containing the strongest thunderstorms and winds, and warmest temperatures. Variations in temperatures within a hurricane provide clues about the storm’s intensity.

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