Another Account from Lahaina of Personal Exposure to DEW Microwave Weaponry, Aug 2023

Personal Exposure to DEW

17:04 in — “So the fire was nowhere near [the window-mounted air-conditioner, three blocks distant]. As [we] are walking back, BAM, that air-conditioner exploded up into the air, like fireworks [sparks and fire], straight up ten feet into the air. …it singed my hair… the electricity was off [power grid down]. …[microwave energy induction into power grid]… Well, I could [also] feel something very odd: I’m not sure…’proprioception’…the heat was obvious, the wind was obvious, but there was something about the pressure [said while hunching down as if under force] that made [me] feel very weird.

Personal exposure to DEW

Personal Exposure to DEW Militarized Microwave Weaponry: A Firsthand Account


In recent years, the deployment of militarized weaponized microwave technology, such as Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) and other lethal and so-called non-lethal weaponry, has raised significant concerns. Here is perspective on exposure to these technologies, highlighting the physical and psychological effects experienced during such encounters.

The Heavy Feeling of Pressure and Tingling

One of the most immediate sensations when exposed to weaponized microwave technology is a pervasive feeling of heaviness and pressure. This sensation is often accompanied by tingling, akin to the feeling of pins and needles. The pressure can be so intense that it feels like an invisible weight pressing down on your entire body, making movement difficult and uncomfortable. The tingling, on the other hand, can range from mildly irritating to excruciatingly painful, depending on the intensity and duration of the exposure.

Asphyxiation and Inflammation of Mucous Membranes

Another disturbing effect of microwave weaponry is the asphyxiation caused by inflammation of the mucous membranes. This phenomenon, observed in LD-50 rat testing, involves unilateral inflammation that can severely impair breathing. During exposure, it feels as if the airways are constricting, making it hard to take in enough air. The sensation is akin to having a severe allergic reaction, where every breath becomes a struggle, leading to panic and distress.

Insta-Cataract Blindness: “I Can’t See the Air Anymore”

One of the most terrifying effects of microwave exposure is the rapid onset of cataracts, referred to as “insta-cataract” blindness. This condition occurs when the microwaves cause the corneas to turn grey and opaque, as if seeing through dense smoke. Victims report a sudden loss of vision, often described with the haunting phrase, “I can’t see the air anymore.” This blindness is not only disorienting but also induces a profound sense of helplessness and vulnerability.

Mind-Numbing Effects and Chemical Changes

Beyond the physical symptoms, microwave weaponry can also have significant neurological effects. Exposure to these technologies can disrupt the calcium ion channels in living cells, leading to a cascade of chemical changes that affect brain function. The result is a state of mind-numbing confusion and cognitive impairment. Tasks that once seemed simple become overwhelmingly difficult, and maintaining focus feels impossible. This cognitive fog (“brain fog”, literally) can persist long after the initial exposure, raising concerns about the long-term impacts on mental health and cognitive function.


Exposure to militarized weaponized microwave technology is a harrowing experience, marked by a range of physical and psychological symptoms. From the heavy feeling of pressure and tingling to asphyxiation, insta-cataract blindness, and mind-numbing cognitive effects, the impact of these weapons is profound and far-reaching. As the use of such technology becomes more widespread, it is crucial to understand and document these experiences, advocating for greater transparency and accountability in their deployment.

See Melissa Doi, Microwaved to Death

“Doi’s dreadful recording to 9-1-1 emergency is still up on RUMBLE, allowing the morbidly curious to actually hear in real-time how a person, apparently, dies _during_ intense exposure to microwave (and/or perhaps particle beam) radiation — most chilling is her lament, “it’s very very very hot…so much smoke” and, “I can’t see air anymore” despite coughing exactly zero times during her 20-minute recording.  Microwave exposure causes ‘insta-cataracts’, literally opaque greying of the corneas; that explains her “smoke everywhere”, everything uniformly grey as the microwaves had blinded her vision. Everything, all weirdnesses including the high-heat but no fire, smoke everywhere but no coughing, and the slown asphyxiation and bewilderment, etc, are all perfectly explained most sensibly once the call is re-understood in the context of Doi having been blasted to death by microwave (and possibly particle beam) radiation.”

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