LauraFarms Neighbors – DEW Attack Targets

LauraFarms Neighbors

DEW Attack Targets

Many LauraFarms videos show incredible DEW damage.  Some of these pictures/videos are from 2021; apparently Laura Wilson remains blissfully unaware of the attack upon her neighbors, food and crops in general, the country, and ultimately humankind.  See more DEW attack sites in Baltimore Key Bridge #10.

Yes, it does appear that something is flying around, randomly attacking and burning…

Update on Burned Equipment | Sale Barn


BELOW: Similar “burned-through-steel” evidence in farmfields — notice the immediately-adjacent and unburned corn and other organic flammables!

Field Fire In Standing Corn

BELOW: The sharp delineation between totally ruined and totally untouched is stark.  Similar was seen all over WTC 911, even on the same vehicle.

LauraFarms Neighbors DEW Attack Targets

Local Farmers Help Family with Burned Equipment

BELOW: Notice the unburned flammable organics immediately adjacent to the burn.

Burned Harvest Equipment, still smoldering

BELOW: Hallmark burned-away tires, leaving only the (superheated by microwaves, not long before) steel belts.  Tires without steel belts have never been seen to burn away or even burn at all.  Microwaves superheat metals which combust nearby flammables.  No metal nearby, no heat.

Innocent.  Clueless.

Bewildered.  Attacked by technology that is so far ahead it is magical…and still mostly unbeknownst!

Building Fire Causes Total Loss On Farm

See also DEW attacks elsewhere —

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