Baltimore Key Bridge #41 – I35W Bridge also DEW’d

I35W Bridge also DEW’d

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In 2007.  Notice the similarly “impossibly” warped structural steel — also insta-rust and splayed rebar.  Superheated, molten steel can distort, warp and wilt without stress cracking.  Directed Energy Weapons can superheat the steel.  Nothing else can fully explain all the evidence.

I35W Bridge also DEW'd

BELOW: Interesting that this cantilevered section did not “wilt” but instead toppled over, rigid, unbending, as expected of structural steel girders.

BELOW: Interesting because of the rebar, not insta-rusted, apparently not hit by DEW.  At this incident, I have not yet found any pictures of “toasted” cars (which are seen at so many DEW attack sites, including a reported 1,400 vehicles at WTC 911).

BELOW: Impossibly warped and wilted and insta-rusted, all hallmark damage of DEW attack.

The ‘officials’ and ‘authorities’ are inside, part of the very same Beast that causes this. The public, dumbed-down, distracted and usually destitute, basically has zero to tiny chance of ever comprehending what’s actually going on…and even less chance to effectively ‘do anything about it.’

BELOW: Insta-rust.  Vanished rivets (just like at WTC 911 and Baltimore Key Bridge).  Notice the hilariously blasted-thru steel girder just right of the gusset plate.  Lockheed Martin (and Boeing and others) have publicized precisely this capability in youtube videos and

BELOW: Lockheed Martin ATHENA directed energy weapon burns through steel.  Exact same burn pattern.  No doubt just “coincidunce”.  Source

New Weapons: ATHENA Laser Stops Truck Engine in Seconds from a Mile Away
I35W Bridge also DEW'd

BELOW: One of Boeing’s versions of Directed Energy Weapons

Boeing’s Compact Laser Weapons System: Sets Up in Minutes, Directed Energy in Seconds

I35W Bridge also DEW'd
I35W Bridge also DEW'd

BELOW: Similar “burned-through-steel” evidence in farmfields — notice the immediately-adjacent and unburned corn and other organic flammables!

BELOW: Hallmark of DEW Attack – Punched-through / vaporized metal; Insta-rust from superheating; Nearby flammables often untouched – appears to depend upon the length of the energy blast: Longer blasts superheat the metals for longer, igniting flammables; shorter blasts tend to punch-thru and vaporize quickly, shorter but more intense period of superheating, seems to char nearby flammables without necessarily igniting them to prolonged burn. Presumably, the shorter intense bursts tend to cause self-repulsion with materials, leading to magnetic moments that can levitate heavy objects such as causing vehicles to ‘flip-in-place’. Evidence shows that there is apparently a selectable mode or character to the energy burst(s).

In fact there are a bunch of LauraFarms videos showing incredible DEW damage.  She remains blissfully unaware of the attack upon her, food and crops in general, and humanity.  These are covered more here —

Always the same tell-tale / hallmark damage from DEW Attack: Sudden onslaught high-winds, vicious conflagration, superheated steel, flowed/pooled aluminum, glass melted or powderized, steel-belted tires and other flammables entirely consumed or else utterly untouched — the DEW Attacks rarely leave partial damage; it’s usually either all or nothing.

Insidious military attacks, by her own ‘government’, to ultimately cause (manufactured) “disaster capitalism”, famine and depopulation — this horrible reality may be the Very Last Thing this poor gal realizes.

BELOW: A neighbor’s massive equipment barn, everything DEW-attacked: Sudden onslaught high-winds, vicious conflagration, superheated steel, flowed/pooled aluminum, glass melted or powderized, steel-belted tires and other flammables entirely consumed.

BELOW: Neighbor’s multi-generational barn held millions of dollars across numerous apparati…and untold family effort and knowledge in the many small hand-tools, contraptions and ‘stuff”. Any ‘clean-up’ was the easy part.

BELOW: This was 2021. I’d bet the carcass is still there rotting in the field. Farmer likely down ‘on ever-harder times’. Think of all the other farmers, nearly all technically incapable or else having no ‘successful’ youtube presence, whose equipment has been similarly attacked, destroyed. The insurance companies should be the ones posting and promoting evidence of these attacks.

So, was this I35W DEW attack in 2007 an earlier “test run” for Baltimore Key Bridge, similar to presumed test-run on Washington State’s White River Bridge in 2015 ?

See DEW attacks elsewhere —

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