Melissa Doi was literally microwaved-to-death, listen to her 9-1-1 call

Persons literally microwaved-to-death

Self-cooking Concert-goers vs Melissa Doi

40,000 fans in a metal Faraday cage arena all holding up their 1-2-watt personal brain-cooker cell phones instead of cigarette lighters is the frightening equivalent to 80 microwave ovens (formerly “RADAR Ranges” from Amana!) going full-blast with doors open, with even power-density distribution — this before accounting reflected energies or the 30x more powerful repeaters and concerntrators (mini “towers” or “masts”), and that’s before directionable 5G (5G is by definition another kind of Directed Energy Weapon) — an arena full of whirling, DNA-slicing razor blades.

First to go is eyesight (‘insta-cataracts’ as cornea is greyed opaquely) followed by mental faculties then fatally by asphyxiation (as the airways, lungs, at least in LD50 rat studies, inflame closed).  Same progression in troops blasted by RF

Melissa Doi cooked alive

Same progression in Melissa Doi, blasted in the WTC towers, presumably.

Doi’s dreadful recording to 9-1-1 emergency is still up on RUMBLE, allowing the morbidly curious to actually hear in real-time how a person, apparently, dies _during_ intense exposure to microwave (and/or perhaps particle beam) radiation — most chilling is her lament, “it’s very very very hot…so much smoke” and, “I can’t see air anymore” despite coughing exactly zero times during her 20-minute recording.  Microwave exposure causes ‘insta-cataracts’, literally opaque greying of the corneas; there is her “smoke everywhere”, everything uniformly grey as the microwaves had blinded her vision.

Mearly nobody understands Doi’s call for what it actually is, making it even more powerful an ‘about-facer’ or ‘forehead-palm-slapper’ once understood as an RF-energy kill.

Divide by ~100-200 for a typical DC building, bus or metro train! DR DEVRA DAVIS reasoned: RF slices DNA; sliced DNA causes cancer; therefore more likely than not that RF causes cancer. Cancer-treatment centers should soon enough be as omnipresent as Starbucks!

So it seems

(1) that the stacked red blood cells (Rouleaux Formation) can not possibly travel thru capillaries (per Dr Pollock’s EZ-water capillary self-propulsion theory) thus causing the ‘general pain’ blamed on “Fibro Myalgia” which I submit is merely a fancier name for “microwave allergy”;

(2) our present epidemic of eye problems is directly caused by ever-increasing chronic microwave poisoning;

(3) so called “turbo cancers” are resultant in no small part per “microwaves split DNA; split DNA causes cancer; therefore, microwaves cause cancer”.

(4) avoid RF radiation particularly being trapped with RF blasters in metal cages, buildings, buses, arenas, train cars.

(5) obesity is created in lab rats by exposing them to RF radiation from wifi router (per testimony given by DR SHARON GOLDBERG); therefore, societal obesity epidemic likely needs rethinking beyond foodstuffs. has lots more.

Melissa Doi, victim of being microwaved to death

From the video notes:

In #911Truth Part 25, I have uploaded the full 9-1-1 phone call from Melissa Doi inside the impact zone at the 83rd floor of the South Tower on 9/11. The phone call shows a frantic Melissa saying “she can’t breathe” and she is feeling intense heat but with very little indication of actual conventional thermal heat. She says she is “burning up” but she does not appear burned. She says there is smoke blocking out all the air, yet she hardly coughs and her voice is never hindered. She says she can’t see fire but only that she can “feel” fire. The New York Police Department (NYPD) 9-1-1 emergency dispatcher tries to console her for over 20 minutes, and finally Melissa ends up “unconscious and snoring”; literally 18 minutes before the South Tower’s fall.

The World Trade Center 2 (WTC 2) or the South Tower was struck by an alleged plane 14 minutes before Melissa’s phone call and between the 77th and 85th floors. Melissa was quite literally in the middle of the impact zone on the 83rd floor. She was with 5 other people trapped on the floor and even says she heard other people walking around, which may have been the Firefighters that quite literally walked up all the way up the alleged “flaming inferno”. From the phone call, it is clear that Melissa did not experience heat from a fire, but rather something more subtle, such as possible microwave directed energy. This is inline with what the “jumpers” may have experienced as they took their clothes off while on the window edge before either throwing themselves or being launched against their wills.

Here are some important links for reference:

– Melissa Doi Wiki:

– I downloaded the phone call from NPR:

– I found portions of the beeped out audio from

– I used most of this phone call transcript:

– Articles about Melissa Doi:

– 2006 New York The Sun:

– 2006 Daily News:

– 2006 The Washington Post:

The timestamps of key parts of the video are listed below:

– WTC 2 impact at 9:03:02 AM between the 77th and 85th floors: 0:00

– Melissa Doi calls 911 at 9:17 AM from the 83rd floor, she was with 5 other people: 0:36

– “We can’t breathe”, “it’s very hot”: 1:18

– “but no fire, right?” 2:25

– “I think there is fire” 2:44

– “you see no fire”: 2:49

– “I don’t see any air anymore”: 2:58

– “I’m burning up”: 3:30

– “We hear voices! HELLO! HELP!: 3:50

– “I feel like I’m dying”: 4:39

– Court order removed civilians and Melissa Doi’s voice from the remainder of the call: 5:02

– “I feel fire”: 7:18

– Melissa Doi requests a note to her mother Evelyne Alderete: 7:59

– “Tell her that she’s the best mom in the world… I love her with all my heart and soul”: 8:54

– “Tell her I love her so much. I love her. She’s the best mother a person could ever have”: 9:13

– “Melissa, Melissa, Melissa…” 12:08

– “They sound like they might be unconscious”: 22:23

– “Everybody’s snoring”: 24:15

– It’s not dead there. They’re snoring”: 24:22

– “sounds like they were unconscious and snoring”: 24:56

– “The line is now dead…. oh my Lord”: 25:06

– MES Note: Melissa Doi experienced a different mechanism other than a conventional fire: 25:31

– WTC 2 South Tower falls at 9:59:00

– WTC 1 North Tower turning to dust (45X speed): 26:21

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There is an interesting particle-beam theory coinciding with this event that also involves Brookhaven National Labs.

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  1. Melissa Doi, who was cooked alive whilst on a 9-1-1 call from atop the WTC in NYC on 911, explains how “I can’t see air anymore” and laments “there’s so much smoke” yet never coughs once during her lengthy recorded call. She also complains of the “very, very, very hot” heat, yet she reports zero flames. We now know that the heat she complained of was in fact the water in her body being slowly boiled by the microwave weaponry used to molecularly dissociate the WTC towers prior to them ‘turning into dust whilst in mid-air’. It’s much to mentally unpack, but the theory (that Directed Energy Weapons were used to disintegrate the WTC) 100% perfectly fits all evidence, then up until present moment. As Melissa’s lungs and mucous membranes inflamed from irradiation by microwave energy (microwave exposure also causes red blood cells to stack into Rouleaux formation, reducing blood flow, suffocating oxygen supply at the cellular level), she slowly became unintelligible and then asphyxiated, expiring in real-time on the phone call, exactly as do all mice exposed to microwave weaponry in military studies. FROM


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