DEW Attack Highway of Death 1991

DEW Attack Highway of Death 1991

“I can attest Highway 8 was much worse prior to the footage. Decomposing bodies that were hanging out of the vehicles, or bodies that were burnt beyond recognition. 33 years later I can still smell it.”

High-energy microwave weaponry insta-boiled the targets, cooking then charring them from within within moments, before they could escape the beam weaponry. It is literally a “finger from God”, Tesla’s Death Ray.

Slower-cooking by microwave exposure causes first the eyesight to dim — the corneas are made opqaue, blocking eyesight. Melissa Doi, who was cooked alive whilst on a 9-1-1 call from atop the WTC in NYC on 911, explains how “I can’t see air anymore” and laments “there’s so much smoke” yet never coughs once during her lengthy recorded call. She also complains of the “very, very, very hot” heat, yet she reports zero flames. We now know that the heat she complained of was in fact the water in her body being slowly boiled by the microwave weaponry used to molecularly dissociate the WTC towers prior to them ‘turning into dust whilst in mid-air’. It’s much to mentally unpack, but the theory (that Directed Energy Weapons were used to disintegrate the WTC) 100% perfectly fits all evidence, then up until present moment. As Melissa’s lungs and mucous membranes inflamed from irradiation by microwave energy (microwave exposure also causes red blood cells to stack into Rouleaux formation, reducing blood flow, suffocating oxygen supply at the cellular level), she slowly became unintelligible and then asphyxiated, expiring in real-time on the phone call, exactly as do all mice exposed to microwave weaponry in military studies.

Highway of Death

“All cleanly sanitised footage. A lot of the footage and photos the media showed at that time was before they had buried all the bodies. Some of it was enough to give you nightmares. Nowadays, there’s no way you can show those kinds of things without someone censoring it.”

“Highway of Death — All those vehicles were being driven by a person, usually with others in the vehicle. All were insta-microwaved, insta-boiled from within. Just like at Dresden — all clothing and hair intact, but flesh charred. Gone within milliseconds by high-energy bursts. Paradise Cali and other places in US have same telltale evidence.”

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