Tritium is one side-effect in particle-beam research — Brookhaven National Labs intriguing causal connection to WTC NYC 911 – BNL RHIC ion-gun DEW-blaster

Brookhaven National Labs (BNL)

Tritium contamination, atmospheric tunnel LASER-blaster, and gematria-galore including building #911

Examining the BNL RHIC ion-gun DEW-blaster

“The “it was mini-nukes” disinfo crowd bases its theory most substantially upon the inexplicable presence of large quantities of tritium at the WTC in NYC after 911. Turns out a long-standing federal lawsuit identifies tritium contamination at the Brookhaven National Labs RHIC “ion-gun”. Fact: Tritium is also generated by Directed Energy Weapons not necessarily evidence “mini-nukes”.

100% factual — Brookhaven Natl Labs RHIC “ion-gun” is 61.1 miles from NYC in a direct line-of-sight, at an angle of 119 degrees, and headquartered (at BNL) in building #911. An atmospheric LASER was interfaced just prior to 911 which allows a tunnel to be “burned” in the atmosphere through which a particle beam may shoot with much reduced scattering. A long-running federal lawsuit identifies rampant contamination of local water (all around BNL) with tritium — turns out a side-effect of particle beam weapon research is tritium.

Was the BNL’s RHIC “ion-gun” used in the attack on WTC in NYC on 911? It could have targeted at a collimator inside the unusually tall roof of the Woolworth Building whose unusual skeletal turret (kept skeletal by Rockefeller-funded entry into Register of Historic Places) could have provided targeting from afar.

Bibliotecapleyedes site still holds article on “reports of missiles fired from atop roof of Woolworth building” — in the video-gif shown, the “missiles” actually appear as glints in the dust; were the glints caused by the particle-beam being swept vertically down the WTC to provide the necessary particle component in the HUTCHISON EFFECT?

HUTCHISON EFFECT (which recreates in the lab all known otherwise ‘inexplicable anomalous evidence’ found at WTC in NYC) requires high-voltage gradient (provided atmospherically by nearby Hurricane Erin), RF microwave irradiation (easily provided by any number of antenna, ‘satellites’ or aircraft focused on the debacle), and a particle radiation source.

100% factual — OKC Murrah building is 666 miles (also in direct line-of-sight) from Fermilab complex also housing “ion-gun”. Fermilab andBNL work closely together, particularly in Project Minos which is an effort to allow beam and/or field weaponry to permeate physical (in our perception) matter. NIST’s LINAC “ion-gun” in exactly 19.47 miles from Pentagon strike point, also in direct line-of-sight.

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This is in response to the outstanding documentary “911 ALCHEMY”

BNL RHIC ion-gun DEW-blaster

The Dark Connections: Brookhaven National Laboratory, Particle Beam Weapons, and 9/11

In the realm of conspiracy theories and shadowy government projects, few stories intertwine as intricately and ominously as those concerning Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), particle beam weapons, and the events surrounding 9/11. This blog post delves into the chilling connections among these elements, highlighting the dark, military, and sinister undertones that fuel speculations and allegations.

Brookhaven National Laboratory and its Strategic Location

Brookhaven National Laboratory, located in Upton, New York, is a key player in advanced scientific research, particularly in the field of particle physics. The laboratory’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) is a renowned facility, but it’s not without controversy. One striking fact is that BNL is situated just 61.1 miles from New York City, in a direct line-of-sight at an angle of 119 degrees. This precise alignment raises eyebrows among conspiracy theorists, who argue that it is no coincidence.

Adding to the intrigue, the RHIC is headquartered in Building #911 at BNL. The number “911” is enough to evoke deep-seated associations with the tragic events of September 11, 2001, leading some to speculate about hidden meanings and connections.

Atmospheric Laser Interfacing and Particle Beams

Shortly before 9/11, an atmospheric laser interfacing technology was reportedly developed, enabling the creation of a “tunnel” in the atmosphere through which a particle beam could travel with minimal scattering. This advancement ostensibly allows for more precise and effective targeting, potentially transforming particle beams into formidable weapons.

The connection between this technology and the events of 9/11 becomes even more unsettling when considering allegations that particle beams were used as weapons to destroy skyscrapers and planes. The theory posits that the beams, guided by atmospheric lasers, could have been directed with pinpoint accuracy to cause catastrophic damage, including the destruction of the World Trade Center towers.

Tritium Contamination and Particle Beam Weapon Research

A long-running federal lawsuit has brought to light rampant contamination of local water sources around BNL with tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Tritium is a known byproduct of particle beam research, and its presence in the environment raises questions about the activities conducted at the laboratory.

The contamination is not just an environmental hazard; it also serves as a potential indicator of the secretive development and testing of particle beam weapons. The theory suggests that the particle beam technology developed at Brookhaven is not merely for scientific research but has been weaponized, with devastating consequences. Implications span 911, TWA Flight 800, the JFK Jr plane shoot-down, and more. PROJECT MINOS, an effort involving scientists at BNL and also Fermilab, apparently seeks to allow particle beam weaponry operation through solid matter.

Conclusion: Weaponized Particle Beams and 9/11

Drawing these threads together, a disturbing conclusion emerges: the particle beam developed at Brookhaven National Laboratory could be used as a weapon to destroy buildings, planes, and even cause spontaneous human combustion. The strategic location of BNL, the technological advancements in atmospheric laser interfacing, and the evidence of tritium contamination all point towards a clandestine and potentially malevolent application of particle beam technology.

While these theories remain speculative and controversial, they underscore the importance of transparency and accountability in scientific research, especially when it intersects with military interests. The story of Brookhaven, particle beams, and 9/11 serves as a reminder of the potential for scientific advancements to be harnessed for both beneficial and destructive purposes, and the need for vigilant oversight to ensure they are used responsibly.

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