911 Alchemy – Absolutely the Best, Broadest, Deepest Documentary on 911

911 Alchemy (ca 2018)

I’ve watched most. 911 ALCHEMY is the only one worth watching. All others I’ve seen fall short by omission or mislead on-purpose. Invest your time wisely.
I’ve watched most. 911 ALCHEMY is the only one worth watching. All others I’ve seen fall short by omission or mislead on-purpose. Invest your time wisely.

“It doesn’t get everything; for instance, it completely misses the amazing numerology of the 911 event (61.1 miles from BNL angle 119 degrees headquartered in building 911, etc); however, it does hit and hit correctly more than any other documentary on 911 I’ve yet seen, and I have seen many.”


Comments on video —

“People saw tomahawk missiles painted up like American Airlines planes !”

1:12:15 …. when was that photo taken and why is it being shown at this part of the film?

— Could the cases of spontaneous self combustion have any correlation to any of this? I mean, it was happening “frequently” for a period of time (mostly before i was born in 77) and i dont really hear about it anymore. One particular case that stuck with me was of a couple dancing together amongst other ppl dancing at a gathering and the woman started complaining of feeling intense heat inside and suddenly she burst into flames …. the ppl near her were fine though.

— I also was on above top secret back in 2006 when some random person posted a photo and told us to grab it because he would be deleting within a half an hour of posting it and there would be no way of finding it again ever (it was not a lie … i have NEVER been able to find that photo since). It was of hitler and eva (ava?) and some other unknowns in a parlor with what kind of appeared to be lightening bolts all around …. there were other elements to it as i remember something about it frightening me ….. but i dont remember the specifics …. i had no understanding of what i was seeing but everytime i hear about this kind of technology, that memory of that picture pops back into my mind.

This video was made by “Christ Hampton” (Chris?) who used to have a Youtube channel called Wolf Clan Media. Here’s his archive page: https://archive.org/details/911alchemyfacingreality

911 Alchemy

9/11 Alchemy: Unveiling the Hidden Science Behind the Tragedy

The tragic events of September 11, 2001, remain etched in the collective memory of humanity, often evoking images of devastation and sorrow. However, beneath the surface of the widely accepted narrative lies a realm of research and theories that delve into the more enigmatic aspects of the disaster. The documentary “9/11 Alchemy” explores these aspects in detail, particularly focusing on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Judy Wood and her research into the Hutchison Effect, directed energy weapons, and the geomagnetic and electromagnetic phenomena surrounding the event. This post delves into the key points covered in the documentary, shedding light on the intriguing and often controversial scientific investigations into the 9/11 tragedy.

Dr. Judy Wood and the Hutchison Effect

Dr. Judy Wood, a former professor of mechanical engineering, has been a prominent figure in the alternative research community for her unconventional theories about the destruction of the World Trade Center towers. Central to her research is the Hutchison Effect, a phenomenon discovered by John Hutchison involving anomalous electromagnetic effects that result in levitation, spontaneous fires, and the disintegration of materials. Wood posits that similar phenomena could explain the peculiar destruction patterns observed on 9/11.

Directed Energy Weapons and the Disintegration of Materials

One of the most contentious aspects of Wood’s research is her assertion that directed energy weapons (DEWs) were employed during the 9/11 attacks. DEWs, which use focused energy in the form of lasers, microwaves, or particle beams, are theorized to have been capable of causing the “dustification” of steel and concrete witnessed as the towers collapsed. This phenomenon, where materials seem to disintegrate into fine dust, defies conventional demolition explanations and suggests the use of advanced, non-conventional weaponry.

Geomagnetic and Electromagnetic Aspects

The documentary also explores the geomagnetic and electromagnetic anomalies reported on 9/11. Witnesses and researchers have noted unusual fires that did not behave like typical fires, suggesting a different energy source at play. Additionally, the disappearance of massive steel girders and the almost total conversion of concrete to dust point towards a disruption at the molecular level, potentially caused by powerful electromagnetic fields.

Levitation and Molecular Self-Dissociation

Levitation is another bizarre phenomenon associated with the Hutchison Effect and highlighted in Wood’s research. On 9/11, various reports and footage suggest that large pieces of debris seemed to defy gravity momentarily, adding to the mystery of how the towers fell. Molecular self-dissociation, where materials break down at the atomic level without a corresponding increase in temperature, further supports the idea that advanced energy weapons might have been used.

Particle Beam Weaponry and RF Microwaves

Particle beam weapons, which use streams of charged particles, and RF microwaves, which involve high-frequency electromagnetic waves, are both technologies that could theoretically produce the effects observed on 9/11. The documentary examines how these technologies might have been deployed to achieve the near-instantaneous destruction of the towers, bypassing traditional demolition methods.

Disruption of Atomic Physical Forces

Finally, the concept of disrupting atomic physical forces is a critical component of the documentary’s narrative. By interfering with the fundamental forces that hold matter together, directed energy weapons could cause materials to disintegrate without the explosive force typically required. This disruption could explain the pulverization of concrete and the near-total disappearance of building materials, leaving behind a cloud of dust that engulfed Lower Manhattan.

Conclusion: A New Perspective on 9/11

“9/11 Alchemy” presents a thought-provoking perspective on the events of September 11, 2001, challenging the conventional narrative with scientific inquiry into advanced technologies and unexplained phenomena. While the theories presented by Dr. Judy Wood and the documentary remain controversial, they underscore the need for a deeper investigation into the mysteries of that fateful day. The possibility that directed energy weapons and other advanced technologies were used opens new avenues for understanding the true nature of the disaster, urging us to reconsider what we know about 9/11 and the capabilities of modern science.

As we continue to explore these theories, it is crucial to maintain a balance between skepticism and open-mindedness, ensuring that all evidence is thoroughly examined and understood. Only through such rigorous inquiry can we hope to uncover the full truth behind one of the most pivotal events in recent history.

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