911411org Impossibly Warped and Wilted Structural Steel

Impossibly Warped and Wilted Structural Steel

Tight radius bends, some compressed folding, all without any cracking, requiring that steel be superheated.

Unloaded distortions and wilting of “taffynated” structural steel, requiring that steel be superheated.

No known structural loading can do this damage.

Only superheated steel can warp, wilt and distort into these forms.

Only blast furnaces and Directed Energy Weapons can superheat steel.


NIST Again

This image reel shows the most intensely warped, wilted, distorted specimens collected from the 911 WTC rubble and sent for safekeeping, scientific and laboratory analysis to NIST in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

In #911Truth Part 28 I have posted a compilation of photos of twisted, mangled, warped, and literally mutilated steel on 9/11. Although most of the steel from the World Trade Center (WTC) turned literally into dust in mid-air, the relatively few remaining pieces of steel experienced unconventional damage. Steel literally bending with no signs of cracking, steel glowing with no signs of heat present, subway beam sagging like melted chocolate, and steel columns twisted like noodles. Perhaps the most puzzling piece is pages from the Bible literally melted into steel instead of burning up. A passage from Matthew Chapter 5 is still visible, which involves Jesus urging his followers against retaliation.

The closest resemblance to what happened to the steel comes in the form of the Hutchison Effect, named after Canadian inventor John Hutchison. John spent much of his life replicating Nikola Tesla’s works and in many ways did just that. Using interfering bands of microwave radiation and static electricity, John was able to bend steel, levitate bowling balls, and even merge wood into steel; all without high heat. John even swore in an affidavit that 9/11 involved the use of a “scaled up” Hutchison Effect! https://t.me/meslinks/16545

Pictures taken from:

– 911: Ground Zero WTC Steel Radiation @xdesmond : https://youtu.be/sms2woJWlqQ
– 911: The Steel of the WTC Subway Sagged: https://youtu.be/hGpueM7ThCU
– 911- Mutilated WTC Steel by xdesmond: https://youtu.be/njt6QzwCV2g
– 9/11 “Meteor”: https://www.911research.wtc7.net/~nin11evi/911research/wtc/evidence/photos/hanger17.html
– 9/11 memorial twisted steel: https://t.me/meslinks/22208
– 9/11 Bible fused to steel: https://t.me/meslinks/22262

– Glowing metal: 0:00
– Subway sagging steel beams: 0:15
– Mutilated steel: 1:19
– Large perfectly bend steel: 14:53
– Meteor: Concrete, steel, wood, paper, wires merged together: 15:06
– Large steel beam bent completely backwards: 15:22
– Fused Bible to steel: 15:32

Stay tuned for #911Truth Part 29…

Screenshots of video: https://peakd.com/hive-113182/@mes/ndloyfuv

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Impossibly Warped and Wilted Structural Steel

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