Catholic Molestation Rampant in Maryland

Catholic Molestation Rampant in Maryland

Archdiocese, Bankruptcy from Fear, or pre-planned?

Halloween Friday, 2023 – Maryland law changed to remove statute of limitation in sexual molestation cases (so-called “Child Victims Law”).

1 June 2024
More than 450 sexual abuse claims filed against Archdiocese of Baltimore

(Has the Vatican, in effort to undermine and destroy the largely Protestant America, been poisoning its religious precincts in America with pedophilic and predatory priests? Not so hard to imagine after recalling that all hung co-conspirators in the Lincoln assassination were Catholic, and the escapee John Surratt was given asylum in the Vatican. Consequently, America ended diplomatic relations with the Vatican in 1867; President Reagan, in perhaps his most dastardly undertaking, re-opened diplomacy in 1984, allowing Jesuitical and Catholic influx per Vatican to resume. Decline has only hastened since.)

Catholic Molestation Rampant in Maryland

Catholic Molestation in Maryland: A Deep Dive into Recent Developments


The issue of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has been a longstanding and deeply troubling one. Recent developments in Maryland have brought this issue back into the spotlight, with significant legal and financial ramifications for the Archdiocese of Baltimore. This blog post explores the recent changes in Maryland law, the bankruptcy filing by the Archdiocese, and the broader context of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church in America.

Law Changes on Halloween 2023

On October 31, 2023, Maryland enacted new laws aimed at addressing the scourge of sexual abuse within religious institutions. These laws included:

  1. Elimination of the Statute of Limitations: Survivors of sexual abuse now have an indefinite period to file lawsuits against their abusers and the institutions that enabled them.
  2. Mandatory Reporting Requirements: All clergy members are now mandatory reporters, required to report any suspicion of child abuse to law enforcement.
  3. Increased Penalties for Cover-ups: Institutions found to have covered up sexual abuse can face severe financial penalties and criminal charges against their leaders.

Bankruptcy Filing by the Archdiocese of Baltimore

On the next business day, November 3, 2023, the Archdiocese of Baltimore filed for bankruptcy protection. This move was seen as a direct response to the flood of lawsuits anticipated under the new laws. By June 2024, more than 450 lawsuits alleging sexual molestation had been filed against the Archdiocese. The bankruptcy filing aims to manage these claims collectively, rather than facing potentially ruinous individual judgments.

Protective Structure of the Church

The Catholic Church is structured into dioceses and archdioceses, each operating somewhat independently. This structure can sometimes shield one part of the Church from the misdeeds of another. Critics argue that this division allows for the protection of abusers, as the actions of one diocese do not necessarily implicate another. This compartmentalization can hinder transparency and accountability.

Laws Protecting the Church from Sexual Deviance

Historically, various laws and policies have inadvertently protected the Church from full accountability. These include:

  1. Statutes of Limitations: Previously, survivors had limited time to come forward, often expiring before they were ready to do so.
  2. Clergy-Penitent Privilege: This legal principle can prevent the disclosure of confessions made to clergy, even in cases of admitted abuse.
  3. Charitable Immunity Laws: Some states have laws that limit the financial liability of non-profit organizations, including religious institutions.

The Vatican and the Jesuits’ Fourth Vow

A controversial theory posits that the Vatican has been purposefully sending sexual deviants and predatory priests to America as part of a broader agenda. The Jesuits, a powerful order within the Catholic Church, take a fourth vow of loyalty to the Pope, including a commitment to “extirpate” Protestantism. Some argue that this vow has been interpreted in ways that undermine American Protestant communities, including through the placement of problematic priests.

Reasons for Prevalence of Sexual Deviance

The prevalence of sexual deviance among Catholic priests, particularly pedophilia, has been attributed to several factors:

  1. Celibacy Requirement: The vow of celibacy can attract individuals struggling with sexual issues or can exacerbate latent tendencies.
  2. Clerical Culture: A hierarchical and insular culture can protect abusers and discourage victims from coming forward.
  3. Access to Vulnerable Populations: Priests often have close contact with children and other vulnerable individuals, providing opportunities for abuse.

Connections to NAMBLA and Symbolism

The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) has been linked to some abusers within the Church, further highlighting the issue. Additionally, symbols associated with the so-called “Pizzagate” scandal have surfaced in discussions about Church abuse, suggesting a network of predatory behavior.


The changes in Maryland law and the resulting bankruptcy of the Archdiocese of Baltimore mark a significant moment in the fight against sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. While these developments offer hope for greater accountability, they also reveal the deep and systemic nature of the problem. By understanding the structures and protections that have enabled abuse, society can work towards more effective prevention and justice for survivors.

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  1. WCZ News Baltimore reported a day or three ago that Archdiocese of Baltimore now facing 450 new cases of molestation, and that it pre-emptively declared bankruptcy to avoid payouts last Nov right after Halloween change of child molestation statute limitations in Maryland. It almost seems as if the rotten priests were put upon the Protestant America, perhaps to harm it from within.

    Recall that all hung co-conspirators in Lincoln asasina were Catho, and the escapee John Surratt was given asylum in Vati in Rome. Dpilomacy was cut in 1867 bvz of this; and Pres Reagan in perhaps his single most traitorous act, re-established diplomacy in 1984; American’s decline has hastened since.

    Understand what’s really been going on for centuries; religion and nuttery underlies all politics and wars. Public Skuul has done a good job at distracting and misleading from the simplicity of the horror long underway. There is still time, however, to awaken and realize what must be done.



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