More Lies in Youngstown, OH Building Explosion — Pre mud-flood building taken out by DEW

Pre mud-flood building taken out by DEW

The sudden rush of wind at 1:50 indicates another DEW attack. “My glasses flew off…” ~1:50 in

Cause of “explosion” was not “gas” or broken gas line (per the idiot explanation/comments) as that would have made bright yellow flame that kept within a room or three. This ‘explosion’ clearly came from atop the elevators…curiously like 911 — “recorded by a camera on the top-floor” (said at 0:05 in)

Plus the targeted blast wiped out another historic building, another clue to ‘pre-mud-flood’ civilization that built it, now no doubt going to be razed.

38 minutes after the blast, firefighters enter 12th floor (despite that gas!! LOL)

There is a LOT more going on here.

Mentioned by newscaster at 2:50 in — Asia Simmons [black women fleeing with her baby just before the blast] — “…says her body still aches and mentally, her memory is going in and out…” These are classic symptoms from microwave exposure. Explosure.

NTSB curiously involved

Curiously, until it is realized that NTSB is yet another “captured” federal agency, bent to serving the diabolical New World Order agenda of depopulation via controlled destruction, devastation.

“No gas was smelled…”

“One of the workers called 911” LOL — Just like Baltimore FSK Bridge manufactured events, THIS recording will NEVER be released.

Project MINOS DEW used ?

Strange depth of extensive damage underground.

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  1. A specific “WHY” — why this building, why now, has not been ascertained yet, but the take-down was done intentionally with DEW.


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