Latest in murder-cult recruitment

Latest in murder-cult recruitment

4th PSYOP Group

ART OF WAR Jesuits’ playbook. .. Truly eerie recruit video — all those troops could be insta-blinded if not boiled and melted in microseconds now with Pres Reagan’s Directed Energy Weaponry .. or eyeball or spine blown up by exploding gnat-sized drone swarms. Before, it was gas, so dirty and inconvenient and dangerous to selves. Now the death is far more mobile and remote-controllable…even invisible in the case of the death rays. Odd convergence of video gamery, only these killings have no ‘undo’ or ‘redo’. “Let them be melted, Jah Jah.”

BELOW: From the 4th PSYOP Group —
murder-cult recruitment

“Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.” ― Bruce Lee

“Let them be melted, Jah Jah” —

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