Fresh Definitive Primer on Occulted 911 as of Jun 2024

Fresh Definitive Primer on Occulted 911 as of Jun 2024

This goes deep and wide.

Ion Guns

I think 911 WTC was in-part an engineered attack that included the “RHIC” particle beam “ion gun” weapon at Brookhaven Natl Labs, 61.1 miles away (exactly) in a straight line-of-sight and at an angle of 119 degrees (and which is headquartered in building #911 on the BNL campus) — you couldn’t make this numerological crap up. It was long-planned by some higher evil.

Fermilab, another ion gun, is 666 miles distant from OKC Murrah building, which was another takedown.

NIST LINAC ion gun exactly 19.47 miles from Pentagon in direct line-of-sight at an angle of 19.47 degrees LOL! (1947 numerology in Pentagon construction).

2 types of DEW cause differing effects

Particle-Beam DEW

The particle-beam type of DEW weaponry apparently causes molecular self-disassociation resulting in ultra-fine nano particulate; it seems to make matter self-repulsive.

Microwave DEW

The microwave type of DEW weaponry insta-boils wet biologies (remember “spontaneous human combustion” hoopla in 1960s? test-run) causing insta-cataracts, insta-blindness, insta-boiling, insta-cremated flesh without burning clothing or even flammable hair!

Microwave DEW weaponry also causes insta-superheating by inducing eddy currents particularly in ungrounded metals, causing aluminum to pool and freely flow and steel to warp and wilt and distort in manners (that include crack-free 180-degree folded-back-on-self with impossibly-tight radius bends and even zero-radius folds!) that are literally impossible without including massive heat necessarily from blast furnace or energy weapons.

Both types of DEW weaponry were used at WTC on 911.

Tritium Contamination

Federal lawsuit of now hundreds of families against BNL for poisoning local drinking water with tritium going on for decades; turns out particle beam blasting side effect is tritium, explaining the otherwise inexplicable abundance of tritium at WTC after 911.

A great summary of the federal and mil-ind contractors involvement is in part #8 of the 90-part series on the Baltimore Key Bridge takedown — it’s on the ORGanization site named “CON” then followed by “SPIRA”, followed by a “slash” then followed by “bkb”.

Water Controls Further Molecular Dissociation

An interesting thing is the apparent need for water to control the aftermath

  • The huge deep pools at WTC; the water-under-benches at Pentagon
  • The massive reflecting pool at OKC Murrah building
  • Brookhaven is surrounded by water on Long Island
  • Fermilab has that large central lake inside its blaster ring
  • Pentagon adjacent to Potomac River
  • NIST has two lakes on property
  • CERN is immediately adjacent to lake / Geneva / Switz
  • Only partially built, Pres Bush #1’s Supercollider blaster under Waxahachie TX also has some small lakes (and also some big ones) nearby

Water as control mechanism for aftermath (molecular self-disassociation) evidenciarily figures importantly.

There is MUCH MUCH more to 911 than nearly all of humanity realizes; it’s really sad the knee-jerk massive self-shackled ignorance I see amongst most minds.

Primer on Occulted 911 as of Jun 2024

If this is true — and it is all verifiably so using google earth measurement tool — then imagine what CERN and all the other ion gun blasters are up to (the primary attention to numerological concerns in the placement of Fermi and BNL (and their targets) — and thus also likely the placement of CERN — perfectly explains the otherwise totally inexplicable massive-red-tape bureaucratic nightmare of locating CERN partially underneath a second county versus just keeping the whole thing under Switz)!

Project MINOS

Look into the collab between Brookhaven and Fermilab called PROJECT MINOS which is developing an ion gun blaster than can fire through solid material, not necessarily LASER-tunneled atmosphere! THAT is some spooky stuff. “The weapon can slay any being within the three worlds…” — The Mahabharata, Sanskrit epic of ancient India.

Particle Beam Glints Atop Woolworth Building

There exists anim gif footage showing the “glinting” thru the smoke — search bibliotecapleyades net for “police reports of missiles fired from roof of woolworth building on 911” and you will see not what is missiles but what is strong evidence of visible side-effect of the particle-beam fired from BNL at the woolworth building unusually-tall roof (which was closed for 10 years after 911 for mysterious repairs / damage sustained in helping to make the attack) — from inside that tall woolworth roof, the particle beam was collimated and then vertically swept to ‘dustify’ the WTC.

Monster Class-3 Hurricane Erin

Massive but downplayed monster class-3 hurricane Erin which was directed by HAARP at NYC for two weeks before 911 and then made to sit still just offshore for that whole day, that provided the voltage gradient needed; microwave source was likely from lower-orbit.

So there existed on 911 at WTC controlled-environment conditions, and all parts necessary to create (and fully explain) every single otherwise anomalous effect evidenced at WTC on 911 — duplicable in lab and known as HUTCHISON EFFECT, per DR JUDY WOOD of 911 evidence infamy.

Take a look; what’s visible is surely not missiles but instead a glinting visible anomaly, seemingly computer-controlled precision sweep.

Cooking Melissa Doi

You can hear MELISSA DOI recorded call to 911 from inside WTC on 911, as she is slow-cooked to death by microwaves; complaining of it’s so hot but no flames; complaing “I can’t see the air anymore” as the microwaves greyed-out her corneas, insta-cataracts, well-known in battlefield use of dir energy weapons / microwave weaponry; complaining about ‘so much smoke’ yet not coughing one single time in her 30-minute long death-drawn-out recorded call.

In fact, every single piece of otherwise inexpllicable “anomalous” evidence is 100% perfectly explained by inclusively considering the use of particle-beam DEW and microwave DEW in the attack on 911.

911 ALCHEMY is the single best vid I’ve found on the topic, covering much but not all of this.

Anyway, that may all be TMI but it might reach some minds ready to open more via solid, verifiable fact.

Regards from Wash DC.

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