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Steel girders wilted like hot taffy, by directed energy weapons?
ABOVE: Steel girders wilted like hot taffy. What can DEW this? President Reagan introduced it in 1983

Baltimore Key Bridge – DEW explains all evidence

Incredible 90+ part unique, alternative thesis exploring use of Directed Energy Weapons as primary means of an economically gainful take-down of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge.

This 90+ part series critically explores the many (and ever-mounting) incredible anomalies and aspects from a ‘DEW-first’ approach, which is the only known means to fully explain all evidence, particularly the many melted, warped, wilted structural steel girders and their orange-hot fiery outbursts captured in both angles of the original night-time footage.  Sourced.  Deep.  Diabolical.  Focused.  Ongoing.  Shunned by controlled media, limited-hangouts, paid misleaders, ossified or meager minds.  This event is a wide, deep, thick, awful bundle; enjoy Their chaos and calamity!  Spot their next scheme.

Brookhaven National Lab RHIC “Ion-Gun” Particle Beam Directed Energy Weapon

DEW Hallmarks

DEW Clues

Robert Brame’s list of “otherworldly” effects of Directed Energy Weapons Attacks.

DEW Hallmarks

DEW Hallmarks

Tell-tale “otherworldly” effects of Directed Energy Weapons Attacks.

Food, Farming, Famine

Jesuit Intrigue

A substantial re-examination of American History touching on all major aspects, but now including the missing/vanquished Jesuitical / Vatican influence and intrigue.

Understanding true history requires awareness of Jesuit Intrigue !

What was ‘deadly boring and never made sense’ becomes suddenly riveting and absolutely sensible.

This 3-hour video could literally replace the many years I was misled into fabrications, falsehoods and fairytales called “history”.

Vatican Jesuits exist to “counter” the Protestant Reformation.
America is largely a Protestant nation.
Why on earth are sworn enemies in-charge of “higher” education?

ABOVE: Facilitating a localized depopulation and subsequent Land-Grab per AGENDA-NWO, DEW targeted structures and vehicles for cremation.  Metals were superheated by microwave weaponry; nearby flammables ignited.  Wet biologicals and water were boiled, dessicated, destroyed.

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii – DEW explains all evidence – 12 July 2024

Something is Very Abnormal when houses are cremated down to white powder, metals are insta-rusted, molten and wilted, right next to unburnt trees, vegetation and other flammables largely untouched.