DEW Hallmarks – Index

DEW Hallmarks – Index

Hallmarks of DEW damage include molten pooled flowing aluminum, superheated steel that usually insta-rusts, glass and other brittle materials melted or vaporized, flesh that is boiled then charred leaving clothing and hair untouched.

Aluminum Pooled Molten Flowing

Car Door Handles Absent

Cars Flipped – Levitation

Dissimilar Metals Absent (Nuts Bolts Fasteners)

Flammables Cremated to White Ash

Glass Fracture-Shattered

Glass Molten (Metal Particulate Infused Windshields)

Glass Porcelain Ceramic Concrete Dustified

Steel Superheated Ignition Source

Tires Superheated by Steel Belts

Trees Shrubs Boiled Burned From Inside-Out

Trunks Hoods Popped Open

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