Baltimore Key Bridge #17 – Oprah, DEW, and Weird Gematrial and Numerological aspects evoke Matrix

Oprah, DEW, and Weird Gematrial and Numerological aspects evoke Matrix

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Zachary K Hubbard (GEMATRIA EFFECT SPORTS) has been running numerological decodings for decades.  Watch his full 2+ hour deep decode of this event here — — Francis Scott Key Bridge taken out in Baltimore at 1:28 AM on Nancy Pelosi’s 84th birthday

“…then I learned, for even greater hilarity, that Oprah was a Major Celebrity endorser of ex-mil Wes Moore in his boosted run for Maryland Governor.”  Oprah gematria calculates prominently with energy weapons, etc.

 See also Part #72

Gematrical decoding per Manly P Hall

Let’s examine ‘the matrix’ of numerology — correlating and connecting words/thoughts by numbers —

Zachary K Hubbard / Gematria Effect News 25 offers a gematrical view —

3 days before its demise, 23 March 2024, Key Bridge had just celebrated its 47th birthday.

The Key Bridge southern edge of toppled girders at highway mile marker 48.4

Key Bridge = 86

Key Bridge falls 86th day of the year, on birthday of Nancy Pelosi.

(Pelosi family matters because Nancy Pelosi’s brother (and father) were previously Mayors of Baltimore.  Also, Baltimore is a major ‘foothold’ in America of Catholicism, Jesuitry, Vaticana.  Nancy Pelosi’s brother, Thomas D’Alesandro III, was involved in Baltimore politics and served as the Mayor of Baltimore from 1967 to 1971. He followed in the footsteps of his father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., who was also a prominent figure in Baltimore politics and served as the city’s mayor from 1947 to 1959.  During his tenure as mayor, Thomas D’Alesandro III focused on issues such as urban renewal, civil rights, and improving city infrastructure. He implemented policies aimed at revitalizing neighborhoods, attracting businesses, and addressing social and economic challenges facing Baltimore at the time. D’Alesandro’s political career in Baltimore reflects his family’s longstanding involvement and influence in the city’s political landscape.  Key bridge construction began in 1972, just after the reign of Nancy Pelosi’s brother as Mayor of Baltimore, making him likely involved with its planning.)

Nancy Pelosi began her Asian tour in Singapore (home of Dali owner) on Francis Scott Key’s birthday, 86 weeks (and 1 day) prior to the Key Bridge falling.

Each added “coincidence” reduces by orders of magnitude the likelihood of pure chance.

Water temperature was 47 degrees F at time of allision.

FSK channel begins at mile marker 47.9 (northern edge of shipping channel).

Spooky — look at the words/thoughts connected and correlated by numbers at the bottom of each image —

In a kind of ley-line technique to bind words and thoughts, words and phrases are rulefully reduced to four numbers, and these numbers are compared among suspected related words.  Matches in this numerical web are thought to highlight intrigue beyond mere coincidence.

Below, “steel truss”, “inner harbor” and “salvage” relate via the number 67.

Oprah, who has been considered by some online as possibly somehow involved in the odd wildfire intrigues that destroyed specific parts of Lahaina, Hawaii, numerically conects to “economic impact” and also “energy weapons”.  Overwhelming chances are that your name, nickname and probably nothing really about you numerically matches to “energy weapons”.  And, if something about you does happen to match numerically via 67, it will even more likely be completely irrelevant to “energy weapons”.  Connection then context is what is sought; this is suggested to evidence correlation.

ABOVE: Note that in maritime lingo, “allision” indicates ship hitting non-moving object: pier, pillar, dock, etc.  “Collision” indicates two moving objects: ship, boat, iceberg.

“usaf amos” refers to US Air Force AMOS directed energy weapons lab located on the high ridge of Maui island within view of Lahaina, Hawaii.

Another early analysis calling out anomalies and gematria of this ritual

(This video offers some other great gematrial decodes — so nice to see!!)

Baltimore Ravens team defeated on Jan 28.

Bridge collapse happened at 1:28am.

(The titanic hit iceberg at 128 am)

47th Birthday of the bridge

Another early analysis calling out anomalies and gematria of this ritual

PDF – Bridge Collapse in Baltimore Maryland, 3_262024. – Cracktheircode, Using Gematria we gain insight using numeric patterns relating to headline propaganda

Gematrical Clearing of the Channel

10 June 2024

Big deal, even Col Estee Pinchasin was on the radio, mentioned “safety” four times in a minute and recounted the enormous strive to certify the channel is cleared on 10 June. This numerology is a Big Deal to someone.

“Coastguard Baltimore announced at about 5:24 PM eastern that the full 700′ channel is open.”

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Notice the 9 11 numerology.

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