Baltimore Key Bridge #26 – Also another Attack on Food Production, Shipping and more

Continuing attack on Food Production — fertilizer component harmed


Affected industrials —


Solvay Chemical Co. (fairfield area) — Maker of precursor chemicals to fertilizer (phosphoric and nitric acid).,-76.5805293,17z

Motive: Destroy world food supply, cause mass starvation, destroy USA food production dominance.

(claimed to be “diabolical, like Monsanto”; CEO was Ilham Khadre (sp?), a Muslim from Morocco)

Possible attack on USA ability to produce and export fertilizer precursor chemical ingredients.

Biggest phosphate producers — #1 China — #2 Morocco — #3 USA — #4 Russia

Hazardous cargo being downplayed.



Exploring Solvay Chemical Company in Baltimore: Precursor Chemicals for Fertilizer Production

Solvay Chemical Company, with its presence in Baltimore, Maryland, plays a crucial role in the production of precursor chemicals used in fertilizer manufacturing. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of Solvay Chemical Company’s operations in Baltimore and the vital role these precursor chemicals play in the agricultural sector.

### Introduction to Solvay Chemical Company

Solvay Chemical Company, a global leader in chemical production, operates a plant in Baltimore, Maryland, specializing in the production of key chemicals essential for various industries, including agriculture. The company’s innovative processes and high-quality products have made it a trusted supplier in the chemical manufacturing sector.

### Precursor Chemicals for Fertilizer Production

One of the primary contributions of Solvay Chemical Company to the agricultural sector is the production of precursor chemicals used in fertilizer manufacturing. These precursor chemicals, such as ammonia and urea, are fundamental components in the production of nitrogen-based fertilizers, which play a crucial role in enhancing crop yields and promoting agricultural productivity.

### Importance of Nitrogen-Based Fertilizers

Nitrogen-based fertilizers, derived from precursor chemicals produced by companies like Solvay Chemical Company, provide essential nutrients to plants, supporting their growth, development, and overall health. These fertilizers are particularly vital for crops that require high levels of nitrogen for optimal growth, such as grains, vegetables, and legumes.

### Sustainable Agriculture and Fertilizer Production

In addition to supplying precursor chemicals for fertilizer production, Solvay Chemical Company places emphasis on sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. The company employs advanced technologies and processes to minimize environmental impact and promote responsible resource management in its operations.

### Collaboration and Innovation

Solvay Chemical Company’s presence in Baltimore reflects a broader trend of collaboration and innovation within the chemical and agricultural industries. By partnering with agricultural stakeholders, including farmers, researchers, and policymakers, companies like Solvay contribute to the development of sustainable agricultural practices and solutions for global food security challenges.

### Conclusion: Driving Agricultural Innovation

In conclusion, Solvay Chemical Company’s operations in Baltimore, particularly in producing precursor chemicals for fertilizer manufacturing, play a vital role in supporting agricultural productivity and sustainability. Through innovative processes, collaboration with industry partners, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, Solvay contributes to driving agricultural innovation and addressing the evolving needs of the global food supply chain.



Attack on shipping — consolidation


“From 2009 to present, we’ve seen a 40% reduction in the number of shipyards around the world.” — Sal Mercogliano, 13:50 into


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