Baltimore Key Bridge #27 – DALI anchor dropped to slow ship? Chain NOT yanked back indicates it was dropped after ship stopped

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DALI anchor not dropped to slow ship

Chain NOT yanked back reveals it was dropped after ship stopped

“Had anchor been dropped at speed as claimed, chain would be yanked backwards, if not completely snapped-off!”

So they supposedly dropped anchor in highly likely if not certain futility but couldn’t be bothered to press an air horn button to send out an audible warning?  The seemingly unlikelies mount!

Anchor and chain basics

Chain vs Anchor — Chain holds the ship in place, not the anchor.  7-to-1 ratio, depth of water to length of chain deployed.  In 100 feet depth of water, 700 feet of chain must be deployed; the weight of the deployed chain is what holds the ship in-place.

BELOW: How Ship Anchor Works — “…[chain] is subsequently laid to extend backwards.” ~5:30 in

In contrast, all views of DALI anchor show its chain drops straight-down, not pulled back as it would be had it been deployed during forward motion of the ship then dragged under forceful load.  All views of DALI rear show no anchors until after calamity.

If any anchor had been dropped during the supposed 8 knot forward motion, it would have been pulled back substantially, under maximum force, leaving no slack in the chain, possibly breaking the chain, and definitely leaving no chain dropping vertically down — the chain would have been yanked backwards toward the stern with full force.  Also, there likely would appear noticeable scuffing of the hull made by the chain under such force.

Lack of evidence (i.e., scuff marks on hull or broken chain) indicates that no anchor was dropped during forward motion of the ship.

Conflicting evidence (i.e., chain straight down not pulled back) indicates that no anchor was dropped during forward motion of the ship.

Moreover, to be effective as an anchor, a long payout of chain is necessary, said to be up to 7 times the vessel length, such that the anchor ‘sees’ an horizontal pull by the chain, and that additional weight of chain also acts as anchoring force.  TODO need source (short YT, of chain catastrophes).

DALI anchor

BELOW: Every image, from every angle, shows the chain drops straight-down.  The chain should be pulled-back towards the stern, the rear of the ship.  That it is not indicates that the anchor was in fact dropped after the ship stopped moving.  The physical evidence indicates that the early but consistent story of ‘anchor dropped to slow ship’ is untrue.

Anchor chain straight-down; should be pulled-back had it been deployed and was dragging or helped slow the ship
Dali anchor. Anchor chain not yanked back.
Dali anchor. Anchor chain not yanked back indicates it was dropped after forward motion ceased.

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