Amarillo, Texas – DEW explains all evidence — Ongoing attack on food supply, anti/de-meat agenda to weaken, depopulate

Amarillo, Texas – DEW explains all evidence — Ongoing attack on food supply, anti/de-meat agenda to weaken, depopulate

Robert Brame, Forensic Arborist

43:34 in

“Texas is on-fire right now.  Over a million acres has [already] burned in Texas.  I knew it was going to be [DEW], it wasn’t hard to figure out.  It’s their largest fire in state history.  Paint is gone; windows are melted, [all vehicles uniformly destroyed].  It’s the same technology, and I heard this area is [planned] to be a ‘smart-city’, or there is planning for it, like the one in Chile [and Lahaina].”

“The metals are on-fire.”

Out in the pan-handle, short-grass fire.  Animals would have run away.  Instead, they were charcoaled-in-place.  (Notice the wood posts were not even blackened; the microwaves were not directed at the thin metal fencing, apparently, nor the metal fasteners in the wood fenceposts.)

[ Australia cattle was targeted in 2020-2021.  Over a billion animals were microwaved to death.  Interestingly, Nicole Kidman’s family is the largest beef producer in Oz, and her father was head of the Oz version of CIA.  Literally in-on-it and no doubt compensated aplenty in other ways; note that the father/OZ-CIA-head did perish at about that same time.  A quick fact-check results in this:  The title of largest landowner in Australia typically goes to large corporate entities or families deeply entrenched in agriculture and pastoral operations over generations, such as the Kidman family (not related to Nicole Kidman), which was historically one of the largest private landholders in Australia before their major holdings were sold. ]
Ongoing attack on food supply

Just like the Cat and Dog in Lahaina.

Cattle-country — they eat the grass down to an inch high or two.  An inch or two of grass [on fire], you could run through it; the cows could walk away no problem.  I believe every one of these animals were cooked, they were microwaved.

This is another attack on the food supply…another aspect of the anti- / de-meat agenda.

Coment — “The day after the wildphyres were run through Texas by DEW, it snowed. The DEW wiped out the animals that couldn’t run away. The snow wiped out those that did run away. This is another aspect of attack on food, the anti/de-meat agenda. Famine to weaken and depopulate.”

Notice the hides and hair unburned, but animals boiled, bloated from within.  Eyes are guaranteed greyed-out with insta-cataracts.  Microwave weapons burn the eyes first; well-known from decades of testing on animals and many wars (since US invasion of Grenada in which US admitted using “exotic weapons” for the first time in combat).

Ongoing attack on food supply

The Cat Boiled Whilst Walking

ABOVE: Only Directed Energy Weapons can do this.  Fur intact, unburned, unsinged; cat boiled from within.  In a microwave weapons attack, first the eyesight goes — insta-cataracts.  Melissa Doi’s final phone call made to 9-1-1 from within the WTC on 911 records her complaining of so much heat and smoke, lamenting “I can’t see the air anymore,” though she does not cough once during the 30-minute phone call that chillingly reveals her slow fade-away into stupor and then death.  In a microwave weapons attack, next the mind is baked, breathing is blocked (LD-50 rat kill in lab tests) causing asphyxiation, then flesh boils from within, perhaps eyeballs burst or other wet flesh is dessicated and destroyed.

ABOUT THE UNBURNED FUR — BELOW: Many if not most hapless victims of Dresden’s supposed “fire-bombing” were insta-cooked from within as if by microwave weaponry, leaving their clothing intact and flammable hair almost universally unburned; if not by microwaves then by what magic?  SOURCE:

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