The Religious Aspect to DEWs

Religious Aspect to DEWs

ERIC777 youtube research shows Raytheon, maker of DEW, controlled by Jesuits.  SOURCE

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Jesuit motto: “Go forth and set the world on fire”, per Teilhard de Chardin S.J.

Jesuits were formed to Counter the Protestant Reformation.  SOURCE

America is substantially Protestant.  SOURCE

Ignore the religious foundations at great peril.

It is interesting and probably no accident that Dresden, home to first claimed “Hell on Earth” man-made firestorm, was also home to Martin Luther, father of Protestant Reformation.  Was Dresden attack — with its bizarre lack of potholed roads, undamaged railway, and boiled-from-within victims having clothing intact and flammable hair unburned — an intended punishment?

BELOW: Many if not most hapless victims of Dresden’s supposed “fire-bombing” were insta-cooked from within as if by microwave weaponry, leaving their clothing intact and flammable hair almost universally unburned; if not by microwaves then by what magic?  SOURCE:

It is also interesting that Teilhard de Chardin (Jesuit) was directly involved in the fakery of Piltdown man, the then-supposed strongest evidence supporting the theory of evolution.  Fakery indicates fraud; maybe that whole thing, too, is just another big lie?  SOURCE

The Religious Aspect to DEWs
It was reportedly discovered that coffee had been used to “artificially age” the bones used in the hoax.

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