Baltimore Key Bridge #69 – Answering the ‘Ostroffs’, deniers, decriers of “conspiracy” involving take-down of Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge

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Huge fiery outbursts in original night footage shows where material was melted by DEWs (energy beams introduced by Pres Reagan in 1983).

Answering the ‘Ostroffs’ — particularly this video

The answer is readily available to anyone who bothers to look for themselves instead of listening to pre-packaged misinformation.

The only known audio recording of the event was made by those two yapping trespassers at Fort Armistead, with suspiciously-perfect camerawork, like they pre-knew and were on a filming mission (try to find “Toby Gutermuth” to whom the video is credited, presumably another ‘crisis actor’)… just like 36 out of 37 of the WTC cameramen some 20 years ago in NYC (36 were identified as ‘producers’ for massmedia; nearly nobody knows that, or maybe it’s 33 who were massmediats, but it is an anomalous majority)…

… and yet, ZERO sound from the bridge, ZERO sound from the splashdown, ZERO waves created by splashdown. Also, ZERO waves seen in main streamtimelive footage. Where did all that kinetic energy go?? Add to that mystery the amazingly vanished masses of steel girders (as if they had been turned into dust, like six towers in NYC did some 20 years ago) NOT shown in any SONAR, and the consequently “miraculous” speed of clean-up operation occuring (“impossibly”), despite massive (and thus bungling by definition) interagency-governmental operation, ahead of schedule.

Believing a long-known lying military that one ship took down the whole bridge is as foolish as believing them that a plane took down the whole tower (or that one shooter took out JFK). It’s Stupid 101 all over again. Nobody living is that stupid.

Construction images of FSK Bridge on the CONSPIRA site show it MASSIVELY cantilevered, and yet no collapse, ZERO bending girders. One pillar is photographed literally holding up half of the entire main span whilst the other half-span is being built!  One ship appeared to take down the entire bridge because energy beams sliced the girders, at the orange-hot molten points seen in the night time footage.  That’s the working supposition.

The orange-fiery outbursts are indisputably present for anyone with eyes to see; the only question involves the use of DEW instead of explosives; however, DEW is confirmed by the amazingly warped, wilted, distorted girders found the next morning draped over and drooping from (for weeks!) the North Pillar. Explosives can’t provide that kind of heat necessary to melt and wilt those several entire girders into spaghetti.  No known loading force can, either, unless the steel is softened/molten — those rigid, structural steel girders held up that entire bridge plus all traffic and against all high-winds and weather for decades and were, according to most recent inspection, perfectly fine.

So what exactly melted those girders found atop the North Pillar? (you know, the only ones carted away under cover of night) Reagan introduced the STAR WARS tech in 1983; it’s been honed over the decades since by huge mil contractors. That such capability has existed for decades is not in question.

Blasting, er Answering Jeff Ostroff, denier and decrier of "conspiracy" involving take-down of Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge
Blasting, er Answering Jeff Ostroff, denier and decrier of “conspiracy” involving take-down of Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge

So, WHY would “THEY” do this? Baltimore was promised by Gov Hogan as a mega-port; remember those huge Chinese cranes that were floated in years ago; now they can be used once the cleanup is done and a new bridge is built MUCH taller and MUCH wider footings allowing two massive shipping channels (North Pillar will likely be kept as monument + lighthouse (along with Fort Carroll) in-between the two shipping channels.

The Key Bridge was too short, too narrow; it was blocking the mega-port-to-be. Key Bridge could not be lifted/raised, and its two pillars were already choke-holding right up against the shipping channel too narrow for the biggest ships and could not be widened (because of the pillars locations). Was it easier to take down the bridge with DEWs, blame it on renegade ship and play the insurance angle to gain payola galore and become “can-do” celebrities; or, instead to pitiously beg taxpayers for a new bridge, a presupposed most-likely dismal failure?  This way, the DEW-way: The people beg for it.  The “why” seems self-explanatory when viewed in the correct light of economic and political expediency rather than believing that tired lie of ‘one ship brought down the whole bridge’, echoing the ‘one plane took down the whole tower’, echoing the ‘one shooter took out JFK’.

A 70 part series at CONSPIRA covers all this in-depth and more, every anomaly known so far is analyzed from view of DEW-first. Yes, the implications of this are too big for most minds, but some are ready to understand the new paradigm. Ignoring it or naysaying the awful reality disservices everyone and ultimately will make such detractors look like ignorant idiots if not complicit tools as all the rest of us find out the awful truth, the only truth that explains all evidence completely versus all other theories, stories and ‘official’ explanations that are severely inadequate omissive deceptions. — online since 1999, huge military contractors making and selling DEW for many decades now — defense DEW

Also, look into USAF AFRL “AMOS” DEW lab on Maui (suspiciously adjacent to the recent Lahaina DEW-attack + burnout + land-grab).

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