Baltimore Key Bridge #70 – Chesapeake Bay Bridge, only 1 foot more clearance than FSK … next takedown target?

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Next takedown target?

Probably not because CBB pillar width allows two shipping channels for twice-as-fast bidirectional shipping.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge (CBB)

So many bridges strangely ‘failing’ all at once lately…is CBB in jeopardy also?

… or will CBB’s width allowing bi-directional shipping traffic spare it from “accidental” destruction?

FSK clearance height for container ships was 185 feet.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge clearance height for container ships is 186 feet.

One important difference: FSK supports were too narrow, already butting up against edges of shipping channel that is too narrow to allow bi-directional traffic of largest container ships.  CBB is much wider without imposing limitations on bi-directional ship traffic.

Nevertheless, if the largest container ships need more than 186 feet clearance, the CBB will be done away with, too, probably by some perfect collision, perhaps this time by small aircraft, or perhaps a truck carrying explosive and/or caustic ingredients crashes on the main span, seriously damaging it.  Just a guess.

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