Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii – DEW explains all evidence – BOILED ANIMALS

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii – DEW explains all evidence – BOILED ANIMALS

DEW explains all evidence at Lahaina (and other DEW-attack events)

RE how Lahaina was burned down for land-grab (from comment below): “The energy source was the microwaves, superheating the metals, igniting all too-nearby flammables. Lahaina was 100% manufactured DEW attack for purpose of land-grab. 100% ALL EVIDENCE leads to that conclusion and no other.”

This is the Index of a curated collection with choicest info and evidence showing damage ‘impossible’ but for Directed Energy Weapons.  This is a work in progress; treat it as such.


Early, initial videos showing devastation

Robert Brame, Forensic Arborist

Peggy Hall


Fire Captains John Lord & Matt

Interviewed famously in 5-parts by youtuber SUPPOSEDLY SHELLY.

The Dog Boiled Whilst Running

Compare to Iraqi soldiers destroyed by DEW.

The Cat Boiled Whilst Walking


ABOVE: Only Directed Energy Weapons can do this.  Fur intact, unburned, unsinged; cat boiled from within.  In a microwave weapons attack, first the eyesight goes — insta-cataracts.  Melissa Doi’s final phone call made to 9-1-1 from within the WTC on 911 records her complaining of so much heat and smoke, lamenting “I can’t see the air anymore,” though she does not cough once during the 30-minute phone call that chillingly reveals her slow fade-away into stupor and then death.  In a microwave weapons attack, next the mind is baked, breathing is blocked (LD-50 rat kill in lab tests) causing asphyxiation, then flesh boils from within, perhaps eyeballs burst or other wet flesh is dessicated and destroyed.

The Frog Boiled Whilst Frogging


ABOVE: Microwaved / boiled frog looks remarkably similar to the victims at Dresden, Germany (see next picture below).  Note that Dresden was home to Martin Luther of Protestant Reformation infamy.  Raytheon maker of DEW is Jesuit-controlled (per ERIC777 youtube research; see also ).  Jesuits were formed to “extirpate” / counter the Protestant Reformation.  Was Dresden’s “Hell on Earth” assault merely a long-term “payback” from the microwave-weapons-wielding Vatican?

The microwaves boil water, dessicating plants, animals.  Trees, in particularly, are superheated, ignited and/or exploded from inside-out.  Forensic Arborist ROBERT BRAME covers this extensively (see his interviews with BLOSSOMINNERWELLNESS youtuber and also PEGGY HALL youtube) along with MATT the fire captain famously interviewed by youtuber SUPPOSEDLY SHELLEY after the Paradise and other California “wildphyres”.

BELOW: If microwave weaponry is in fact much older than widely known, could its use in Pompei explain the remarkably similar evidence?  …bodies charred-in-place, mid-movement, mid-grimace.  (Although admittedly, the bodies there have no clothing and all hair appears to be burnt away, indicating a superheated atmospheric ‘pyroclastic flow’ as widely parroted by massmedia…possibly accurately.)

Lahainans boiled whilst circling under police direction?

RE Lahaina cops blocking exit, forcing victims to circle back into the microwave kill-zone.  From a comment: “The doors of the scorched cars were all closed. In a normal wildfire, you would see car doors left open as people escaped.”  More dead residents and landowners = fewer insurance claims, easier land to grab.

Dresden “Firestorm” did not burn clothing nor hair but instead boiled victims from within

Just like a microwave … maybe these weapons are not really so new?

BELOW: Many if not most hapless victims of Dresden’s supposed “fire-bombing” were insta-cooked from within as if by microwave weaponry, leaving their clothing intact and flammable hair almost universally unburned; if not by microwaves then by what magic?  SOURCE:

Last American Vagabond (on bitchute)

Interviews w/ Shelby

BlossomInnerWellness (youtuber)


BrushJunkie (youtuber)

Whistleblower Eric Hecker’s disclosure on Secret Tech and more

Comments —

STAR WARS was introduced in 1983 by Pres Reagan. a Very Extensive 55-part series on DEW used to take down Baltimore Key Bridge is up at CONSPIRA

LAST AMERICAN VAGABOND bitchutes from around Aug 2023 have some great info about USAF AFRL AMOS DEW on Maui.

Metals are superheated by eddy currents induced by microwaves. It’s really simple. Nearby flammables ignite. This happens everywhere, per Robert Brame forensic arborist.

DEW is not new. Oakland Hills 1981 is classic psyop using DEW. Evidence also that DRESDEN was done w/ DEW — zero bomb craters, trains running immediately, and all corpses have clothing and flammable hair intact though flesh has been cremated down to ash in many cases. Fire can not do that. All of this and much more is on the CONSPIRA site and has been for years. and CONSPIRA was already decades behind the mil including or-g sites such as DEPS and DSIAC

Eric West / Maui Real Estate Org (youtuber)

Blue Things Did Not Burn

Hurricane Dora

Brush Junkie provides evidence (news/weather) that Hurricane Dora was not causing the high-winds and in fact played no part at all in the Lahaina burn-down.  1:40 into — comment to video: “Hurricane Erin was the Class 3 monster that was born by HAARP at Ascension Island, steered for two weeks prior to 911, unusually followed tracked and measured by eye-of-storm Navy planes (reports still available online), and then made to sit still for the entire day of 911 just 200 miles off east coast. All 3 NYC airports reported distant thunder. 10 Sep 2001 had massive thunderstorm heavy rain and winds in NYC. HUTCHISON EFFECT per Dr Judy Wood requires an high-voltage gradient. The directed energy weapons, whose effects HUTCHISON EFFECT duplicates in the lab, also require an high-voltage gradient. The atmospheric rotation of the hurricane creates atmospheric voltage gradient. Likely the same requirement of high-voltage gradient was met by Dora at Lahaina. All of this and plenty more is on CONSPIRA site (not the com or net but org). Also, DUTCHSINSE youtuber has much on this.”

Police Blockade, Recircling, No escape

DEW Damage

Evidence, Conclusion

From video comment — “500 miles distance is perfect for hurricane power-source to supply energy to the directed energy weaponry used in Lahaina. Hurricane Erin that powered 911 was 200 miles east of NYC. This is per DR JUDY WOOD and JOHN HUTCHISON who can recreate all anomalous effects in-lab (levitation, weird “fires”, “molten” metals that insta-rust and disintegrate, superheating and pooling of glass (most auto glass has metallic particles internal as UV-filter, explaining the superheating that otherwise makes little sense in a brittle water-less solid, etc). The localized winds are side-effect of the application of the electrostatic energies. Wind is caused electrostatically, and so when the weather-mod / DEW tech is swept in over an area, the winds kick up dramatically. It’s an (often) unwanted clue / side-effect. In this case, however, the rapid spread of flames embers etc was blamed on it. All total baloney. The energy source was the microwaves, superheating the metals, igniting all too-nearby flammables. Lahaina was 100% manufactured DEW attack for purpose of land-grab. 100% ALL EVIDENCE leads to that conclusion and no other.”

Land Grab – 15 min cities

Gov Green





Police Chief Pelletier

Had presided over Las Vegas 2017 nation’s largest mass-shooting event

Installed into power in Lahaina against objections

Gov Green

Land grab statement

UN visit promising HI as first 15-minute city

Laws changed, Exec orders


Aftermath, Recovery progress

LAHAINA, Maui – FRONT STREET Driving TOUR – 8 Months after the FIRE


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