Baltimore Key Bridge #79 – Anomalies in Clean-up, Interesting Comments

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Anomalies in Clean-up

Anomalies in Clean-up


LAST Key Bridge Collapsed Truss Removed

Interesting that NONE of the steel has bent during cleanup. It was only during take-down that the energy was applied via weaponry. 80-part series on (the organization site called) “CONSPIRA” delves into the many anomalies.”

One side-effect of the steel having been “dustified” by weaponry that applied directed energy is that there was much less to clean up thus more believably explaining the “amazing” speed than the fairy-tale of gov or mil efficiency. C O N S P I R A is the organization that has 80-part series deeply exploring the many anomalies of this manufactured event.”

Every part of the trusswork was taller than 60 feet; therefore, no section of the trusswork should have been completely submerged. That it was indicates another source of energy and intrigue beyond the official story. This is fully explored, with calculations, in Part #45 of the 78-part series exploring all known anomalies on the organization site called C O N S P I R A. Jeff [Ostroff] and others should do humanity solid by delving beyond the official misleads.”

QUERY: “I did not see any comments on the recovery of all the workers who were on the bridge. Has this been succesfully completed?”

RESPONSE: “Workers remain huge mystery —

The ongoing weirdness with the supposed memorial.

The extreme weirdness of gofundme’s started with no identified beneficiaries; the obvious ‘duper’s delight‘ seen in videos of the “friends” and “family”.

Still no direct video with any supposed survivors [there were reportedly two who were supposedly pulled immediately from the water, despite there being no OSHA-required skiff / rescue boat on-site of over-water bridge-work].

I realize this may be seen as unpopular amongst a majority trained to react emotionally before logically, but it is important to VERIFY any TRUST before giving it unconditionally to known, repeated liars, is it not?”

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