Baltimore Key Bridge #85 – Mural – Art – Weirdness

“This was a trillion-dollar costly event, ongoing, and yet all culpable persons remain unnamed, kept totally anonymous, with some reportedly having been slyly ‘escaped’ from the country! There is, in fact, zero publicly-verifiable evidence that any genuine Captain, Pilots or Crew ever existed; was DALI a remote-controlled ghost-ship on kamikazee mission from its outset? No waves nor sounds at all were recorded nor reported by any nearby persons nor cameras. No interviews exist with supposed survivors; “family and friends” etc interviews reveal ‘dupers-delight’ micro-facial-expressions with other hallmarks suggestive of fraud. Rampant is the extremely suspicious damage with blatantly visible, verifiable anomalies totally inexplicable (and ignored) by official theory or story. Grand payola galore is already underway with loads more coming. This is another audacious yet sublime crime, militarized from gov to salvage to rebuild. There was no rescue skiff on scene as required by OSHA. No horn blasts from ship warned of imminent collision. The ship departed despite dire electrical problems, illegal at any time and even more highly unusual in the cold, dark night-time (part #94, first ‘after-sundown departure’ in two years). Criminal was this manufactured event, through and through, and that’s before considering the absurdly high number of other anomalies including the complicit, worthless, ‘kept-pet’ mass-media…”

Part #91 adapted from a video comment

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Mural – Art – Weirdness

What, and Maryland even the Feds aren’t jumping on investigating this “hate crime” ?!?!? It’s because this bit of supporting backstory is no longer needed, presents more trouble to maintain going forward. What’s wanted (by the powers that shouldn’t be) is for the entire emotional appeal to slowly fade away, from media, from memory, from reality.

First memorial was built in untenable place, where it could not be made permanent.

Second one was reported vandalized, could not be continued.

Both suspsicious, the lack of foundation, lack of footing, like they were pre-engineered to fail rather quickly with some plausible reason. Out of sight, out of mind. There will never be interviews with the survivors; the families of the supposedly killed will fade from media, memory; it’s a perfect fade-out of supporting details for another perfect crime.

Consider that if the guys are fake then the story must fizzle.

One proposed plan is to make the still-standing North Pillar a water-born / off-limits monument at the center of new bi-directional shipping-channel pair .. to keep the idea alive, but detach from humanity, get the payola away from indie artists and hand it to cousin of someone in-power who owns a construction company, etc.

BELOW: Who is this guy? An opportunist? A ‘lifetime actor’? It’s like he’s a secondary-plot supporting character in this movie charade. Present in scenes and plot as necessary to yank at emotional heart-strings. Now the even is over, the emotional cloud of mislead can be dissipated, the quicker and more permanently the better. Fewer loose-ends, fewer questions and potential snags.

I expect we will see this man’s aged (or perhaps younger) face as an actor in other manufactured events and dramas. All entirely opinion and speculation of course; maybe the whole thing is all entirely legit.

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