Baltimore Key Bridge #94 – Kamikazee Ghost-ship DALI – Remote-controlled Evil

“This was a trillion-dollar costly event, ongoing, and yet all culpable persons remain unnamed, kept totally anonymous, with some reportedly having been slyly ‘escaped’ from the country! There is, in fact, zero publicly-verifiable evidence that any genuine Captain, Pilots or Crew ever existed; was DALI a remote-controlled ghost-ship on kamikazee mission from its outset? No waves nor sounds at all were recorded nor reported by any nearby persons nor cameras. No interviews exist with supposed survivors; “family and friends” etc interviews reveal ‘dupers-delight’ micro-facial-expressions with other hallmarks suggestive of fraud. Rampant is the extremely suspicious damage with blatantly visible, verifiable anomalies totally inexplicable (and ignored) by official theory or story. Grand payola galore is already underway with loads more coming. This is another audacious yet sublime crime, militarized from gov to salvage to rebuild. There was no rescue skiff on scene as required by OSHA. No horn blasts from ship warned of imminent collision. The ship departed despite dire electrical problems, illegal at any time and even more highly unusual in the cold, dark night-time (part #94, first ‘after-sundown departure’ in two years). Criminal was this manufactured event, through and through, and that’s before considering the absurdly high number of other anomalies including the complicit, worthless, ‘kept-pet’ mass-media…”

Part #91 adapted from a video comment

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Kamikazee Ghost-ship DALI

Unusual Night-time Departure, first in two years

What is unusual about dali’s departure from baltimore seagirt terminal on 26 mar 2024?

The departure of the vessel named “Dali” from Baltimore’s Seagirt Terminal on March 26, 2024, was notable and somewhat unusual because it marked the first time in over two years that a container ship left the terminal after sundown. Typically, container ship departures from terminals like Seagirt occur during daylight hours due to operational and safety considerations.

Several factors contributed to this nighttime departure being unusual:

  1. Visibility and Safety Concerns: Nighttime departures can pose challenges in terms of visibility for pilots, tug operators, and terminal personnel. Navigation in confined harbor areas requires good visibility to ensure safe maneuvering of large vessels.
  2. Operational Adjustments: Terminal operations are generally structured around daytime schedules to maximize efficiency and safety. Nighttime departures may require adjustments in staffing, equipment availability, and logistical planning.
  3. Logistical Considerations: The timing of departures often aligns with ship schedules, cargo handling capacity, and connecting transportation modes (e.g., rail and truck logistics). Departures after dark may affect these interconnected operations.
  4. Environmental and Community Impact: Port operations can impact local communities and environmental conditions. Nighttime departures might have implications for noise levels, light pollution, and local traffic management.

In summary, while nighttime departures from Baltimore’s Seagirt Terminal are not unprecedented, the departure of the “Dali” on March 26, 2024, after sunset was noteworthy due to its relative infrequency and the operational adjustments it necessitated.

Kamikazee Ghost-ship DALI

Syngery Marine Group – High-Techsters

Work with remote-control hardware and software.

Ship is outfitted with advanced equipment and electronic systems.

Secret identities of all culpable: Captain, Pilots, Crew

Captain, Crew allowed to escape

Federal Gov payments; where is any effort being made to gather compensation from insurance companies?

Admitted dire electrical problems prior to departure

Conjecture — There is an “extra” hole in the lower starboard hull, punched- and/or melted-thru as if made by a DEW or LASER blaster, with no obvious debris (no girders, no concrete pillar parts) inside nor hanging out. Was DALI’s bow-thruster mechanism at that general location? Was the extra damage made to destroy/obfuscate evidence of remote-control of DALI’s bow-thruster, which would have been necessary to cause such direct-hit on the pillar, or to at least make it seem like a direct hit.

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