DEW Hallmark Trees Burned Inside-Out

DEW Hallmark Trees Burned Inside-Out

See also bitchutes, youtube Interviews w Robert Brame, “Forensic Arborist”

Microwaves superheat water which boils the trees then ignites them from within. This also happens to animals including people.

The boiling and cooking-from-with also happens to animals including humans and anything else containing water.

BELOW: Corpses in Dresden, Germany after apparent (and largely strategically unnecessary) DEW-attack in the final days of WW2. Notice the remarkably powderized flesh as if cremated whilst clothing and flammable hair remained unburned. Evidence strongly suggests this was much less a “firestorm” and much more a roasting-by-microwave. Trams and railways were mostly untouched. Not a single picture shows any bomb craters in any roads. Dresden was home of Martin Luther, father of Protestant Reformation. Today, Raytheon is major maker of DEW and is controlled by Jesuits (per ERIC777 youtube research); Jesuits exist to “counter” the Protestant Reformation; Jesuit motto (per Teilhard de Chardin S.J.): “Go forth and set the world on fire.”. Was Dresden really some kind of zealotrous religious “payback” for the centuries of anti-Catholic trouble?

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