DEW What the Hell Happened to Dr Mary Sherman? Spontaneous Human Combustion

What the Hell Happened to Dr Mary Sherman? Spontaneous Human Combustion


This deeply intriguing, still-open, still-unraveling, mass-murder-mystery involves JFK, Oswald, David Ferrie, Jack “Ruby” Rubinstein, covert military operations, a secret linear particle accelerator, weaponized cancer and infectious disease research, Tulane University, the infamous Dr Alton Ochsner, Fidel Castro, and Cuba. And, exactly none of that involves “theory”.

“She was murdered after she was dead.”

According to Ed Haslam’s book, “Dr Mary’s Monkey” (based on over 30 years of research), Dr Mary Sherman was involved in covert operations to develop a weaponized cancer virus with Judyth Vary Baker and David Ferrie of JFK/Oswald infamy. In the increasingly unlikely case that you’re among those still invested in the ‘lone nut’ mislead, this incredible case may help set your thinking right.

DEW What the Hell Happened to Dr Mary Sherman

Above: The partly-incinerated body of Dr Mary Sherman, disintegrated by suspected high-voltage electrocution from a linear particle accelerator installed at the Public Health Service Hospital adjunct to Tulane University.

Another intriguing possibility is that Dr Sherman was targeted by Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), immolated in a manner similar to the (now farcical) “spontaneous human combustion” victims popularized during the 1950s – 1970s, who are now considered to be some of the first microwave-attack test dummies, as analyzed here (11:30) in this video which also analyzes the apparent use of DEW in the 2017 “wildfire” attacks in Madeira, Portual; Gatlinburg, Tennessee; and Northern California.

Location of “secret” linear particle accelerator used to weaponize cancer

Below: Public Health Service Hospital, Infectious Disease Laboratory, partly deserted, 210 State Street, New Orleans. Exact GPS location – it is the building with the collapsing roof (being allowed to decay; expected to soon “mysteriously” self-immolate), along Henry Clay Ave. Particularly interesting would be the basement area and any industrial 3-phase or other large-scale electricity apparatus or evidence thereof in or around the premises.

DEW What the Hell Happened to Dr Mary Sherman

More info coast-to-coast interview. See also this excellent article in New Orleans newspaper 2014.

If you live nearby or visit, please investigate before it’s gone forever. Take your camera!

DEW What the Hell Happened to Dr Mary Sherman

Other interesting locations might include the former residences of Dr Mary Sherman, David Ferrie, and information regarding the powerful, secretive Dr Alton Ochsner of Tulane University and National Cancer Institute. What’s on the surface brightly in the public eye is multi-billion dollar cancer “treatment”, genetics research, military bioweaponry, and big pharma wonder drugs. The darker truths buried beneath must be absolutely riveting.

“Spontaneous Human Combustion” and other Microwave attacks having similar looking evidence

BELOW: DEW vs Pentagon 911 (this picture was supposedly presented as evidence in Chicago trial of an hijacker supposedly involved with the 911 event; however, the picture insists that there were actual passenger planes involved – the (lack of) evidence supporting the ‘no plane at pentagon’ conclusion is extremely compelling; this picture could have been taken anywhere; remember to beware lies upon lies, lies against lies, echoing Cardinal Woolsey’s “learning against learning” precept of confoundation; the similarity of exposed internal organs is interesting regardless of actual location). It’s always onion upon onion with these slimy, dastardly bastardlies. Note the body is not decapitated, which is highly unusual in any high-speed plane crash. Note also the wrists bend maximally under, clenched fingers; toes are likely similar — this kind of tightening ‘curl-up’ is common in DEW attack victims and is seen in many battlefield corpses that were destroyed by DEW.

BELOW: Same applies to Dr Mary Sherman’s body — she was silenced during involvement with JFK / Oswald and the amazing cancer-bioweapon plot also underway in that mess.

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