DEW – Lead Paint – Aluminum Siding – Spontaneous Human Combustion – Havana Syndrome – Remote Neural Monitoring – Targeted Individuals – 2024

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DEW – Lead Paint – Aluminum Siding – Spontaneous Human CombustionHavana SyndromeRemote Neural Monitoring – Targeted Individuals

Lead and aluminum attenuate and scatter microwave radiation such as 5G. Such would be incompatible with a Grand Plan that includes snooping, controlling and sickening via microwave radiation.

Don’t you remember “spontaneous human combustion” and all the ultra-hype in the Zionic mass media

They discovered that lead paint attenuates (reduces) microwave energy and blurs any imagery made therefrom (and also makes fuzzy any targeting).

It’s the Exact same reason why aluminum siding was also done away with.




Note that there is no overwhelming drive to remove fluoride from the public water supplies nor to replace lead pipes or even lead solder used in copper pipe fittings.

DEW - Lead Paint - Aluminum Siding - Spontaneous Human Combustion

The Effort to Outlaw Lead Paint and Aluminum Siding: A Deep Dive into the Conspiracy of RF Radiation Penetration

In recent decades, there has been a concerted effort to outlaw the use of lead paint and aluminum siding in residential and commercial buildings. While these bans are often justified by health and safety concerns, there is a deeper, more sinister implication that has been largely overlooked. Lead and aluminum are known to attenuate and scatter microwave radiation, effectively shielding the interiors of buildings from these potentially harmful frequencies. The removal of these protective barriers has opened the door to increased snooping, control, and the potential sickening of the population by a predatory government using radiation frequency penetration.

The Role of Lead and Aluminum in Radiation Protection

Lead paint and aluminum siding have long been recognized for their ability to block and scatter various forms of electromagnetic radiation, including microwaves. Lead, with its high atomic number, is particularly effective at absorbing X-rays and gamma rays, while aluminum is widely used in shielding applications due to its reflective properties and ability to scatter microwaves. These materials provide a form of passive protection, reducing the penetration of harmful radiation into living spaces.

The Conspiracy: Increased Surveillance and Control

The ban on lead paint and aluminum siding has coincided with the rise of advanced surveillance technologies. By removing these shielding materials, homes and buildings become more susceptible to RF (radio frequency) radiation, which can penetrate walls and other structures. This increased penetration allows for enhanced surveillance capabilities, enabling governments and other entities to snoop on private communications and activities within the home. The lack of these protective barriers also facilitates the potential for targeted RF attacks aimed at controlling or harming individuals.

RF Radiation and “Spontaneous Human Combustion”

One of the more alarming aspects of RF radiation is its potential to cause “spontaneous human combustion.” While this phenomenon is often dismissed as myth, there have been documented cases where individuals have seemingly ignited without an external source of flame. It is hypothesized that directed microwave energy can cause rapid heating of body tissues, leading to combustion under certain conditions. This theory ties into the broader concern of targeted RF attacks on individuals, where specific frequencies are used to cause harm or distress.

Targeted Individuals and Microwave Energy Attacks

The concept of “targeted individuals” involves people who believe they are being subjected to deliberate microwave energy attacks. These individuals report experiencing a range of symptoms, including intense pain, burning sensations, and psychological distress. The use of microwave energy as a weapon to cause upset, strife, and agony is a disturbing reality for those who feel they are being targeted. This form of remote torture is not only a violation of personal privacy but also a direct threat to the health and well-being of those affected.

Remote Neural Monitoring and Legal Implications

Remote neural monitoring (RNM) is a technology purportedly capable of reading and influencing brain activity from a distance using electromagnetic signals. This technology raises significant ethical and legal questions, as it intrudes on the most private aspect of human existence—thoughts. A federal court case has brought attention to the potential misuse of RNM, highlighting the need for regulation and protection against such invasive practices. The case underscores the importance of safeguarding individual rights in the face of advancing surveillance technologies.

Havana Syndrome: A Case Study in Remote Torture

Havana Syndrome refers to a series of mysterious illnesses affecting diplomats and intelligence officers in Cuba and other countries. Symptoms include hearing strange noises, headaches, dizziness, and cognitive difficulties. While the exact cause remains unknown, microwave radiation has been suggested as a possible culprit. This phenomenon exemplifies the dangers of directed microwave energy, illustrating how it can be used to incapacitate and harm individuals in a targeted manner. The syndrome serves as a stark reminder of the potential for remote torture and the need for international scrutiny and prevention measures.

Additional Applications, Oil, Gas, Weather Warfare, Weather Control

President Reagan introduced Strategic Defense Initiative (“SDI”) in 1983. It promptly became known as “STAR WARS” missile defense. SDI Missile Defense was one aspect of the research. Other research included applications to remote neural monitoring, electronic harassment, targeted individuals / suverillance / gang-stalking, oil and mineral exploration (ARCO / Bernard Eastlund patent for HAARP technology), terrain mapping, and various biological control mechanisms.

In the beginning of the 1990s, a subsidiary, ARCO Power Technologies, later Advanced Power Technologies (APTI), was the primary contractor for the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP Project). ARCO having hired Bernard Eastlund led to conspiracy theories about weather control and warfare. In March 1997, ARCO also leased almost all the gas stations of the (now) Santa Fe Springs, California–based independent Thrifty Oil[13] group of 250 stations found throughout California[14] after a damaging price war which the independent Thrifty was unable to win.[15]

JFK, Oswald, Cuba, Cancer Research, Military Biological Weaponry

What the Hell Happened to Dr Mary Sherman ?


This deeply intriguing, still-open, still-unraveling, mass-murder-mystery involves JFK, Oswald, David Ferrie, Jack “Ruby” Rubinstein, covert military operations, a secret linear particle accelerator, weaponized cancer and infectious disease research, Tulane University, the infamous Dr Alton Ochsner, Fidel Castro, and Cuba.

“She was murdered after she was dead.”

According to Ed Haslam’s book, “Dr Mary’s Monkey” (based on over 30 years of research), Dr Mary Sherman was involved in covert operations to develop a weaponized cancer virus with Judyth Vary Baker and David Ferrie of JFK/Oswald infamy. In the increasingly unlikely case that you’re among those still invested in the ‘lone nut’ mislead, this incredible case may help set your thinking right.

Above: The partly-incinerated body of Dr Mary Sherman, disintegrated by suspected high-voltage electrocution from a linear particle accelerator installed at the Public Health Service Hospital adjunct to Tulane University.

Another intriguing possibility is that Dr Sherman was targeted by Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), immolated in a manner similar to the (now farcical) “spontaneous human combustion” victims popularized during the 1950s – 1970s, who are now considered to be some of the first microwave-attack test dummies, as analyzed here (11:30) in this video which also analyzes the apparent use of DEW in the 2017 “wildfire” attacks in Madeira, Portual; Gatlinburg, Tennessee; and Northern California.

Location of “secret” linear particle accelerator used to weaponize cancer

Below: Public Health Service Hospital, Infectious Disease Laboratory, partly deserted, 210 State Street, New Orleans. Exact GPS location – it is the building with the collapsing roof (being allowed to decay; expected to soon “mysteriously” self-immolate), along Henry Clay Ave. Particularly interesting would be the basement area and any industrial 3-phase or other large-scale electricity apparatus or evidence thereof in or around the premises.

More info coast-to-coast interview. See also this excellent article in New Orleans newspaper 2014.

If you live nearby or visit, please investigate before it’s gone forever. Take your camera!

Other interesting locations might include the former residences of Dr Mary Sherman, David Ferrie, and information regarding the powerful, secretive Dr Alton Ochsner of Tulane University and National Cancer Institute. What’s on the surface brightly in the public eye is multi-billion dollar cancer “treatment”, genetics research, military bioweaponry, and big pharma wonder drugs. The darker truths buried beneath must be absolutely riveting.


The effort to outlaw lead paint and aluminum siding extends beyond health and safety concerns. By removing these protective materials, the door is opened to increased RF radiation penetration, enabling enhanced surveillance and potential harm to individuals. The implications of this shift are profound, encompassing issues of privacy, health, and human rights. As we continue to advance technologically, it is crucial to remain vigilant and advocate for protections that ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals against the misuse of microwave and RF radiation.

This exploration highlights the need for a deeper understanding of the materials that shield us and the technologies that may threaten our privacy and health. It calls for a balance between safety regulations and the protection of individuals from potential government overreach and the insidious use of advanced surveillance and directed energy weapons.

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