DEW Wildphyre – California Tracy – Corral Fire 2024-0601

DEW Wildphyre – California Tracy – Corral Fire 2024-0601

Fire began near Lawrence Livermore National Labs — Another “ion gun” or LINAC DEW blaster ??

I-5 closed — major, major road.

“Now that everything is shut down, really obey those rules.” (6:00 in) — LOL, the same message obeyed got numerous people burnt-alive (by microwaves) in Lahaina!

Burn began at an LLNL “test site” – mentioned at 11:55 in

Traci points out at 13:00 that Lahaina also had a “controlled fire” that was ‘totally put out’ AKA ‘totally contained’ immediately prior to that fire; exact same story here.

Robert Brame, on-site. Reports same old hallmark damage consistent across all over DEW attack sites. Superheated steel that has ignited surrounding flammables (except brush, trees, grass). House / structures cremated down to white ash. Vehicles totally “toasted” including all glass molten.

Initial photos show pooled aluminum, consistent with DEW.

News report at 32:20 “logs of wood, hollowed out and burning from within”

36:10 “the car istelf being a radiative heat source”

The reasons They are doing this, Traci, is because DEW is inexpensive for Them; also They are practicing; also They are normalizing these attacks and the damages.

Gallery has some great still-capture images of various DEW Hallmark Damage.

Oxy-Hydrogen Flame AKA “Brown’s gas”

Mentioned at 49:30 in

Flame can burn tungsten but not so readily flesh. Interesting. “You can actually pass your hand through the flame without getting burned; however, that very same flame will melt tungsten which normally has a melting-point of 10,000 degrees [F].”

“If I didn’t know what I know about Directed Energy, I would almost be buying [Their] ‘Climate Change’ narrative myself.”

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