Great Lahaina Fire Great Maui Land Grab Is Your Home Next

Great Lahaina Fire Great Maui Land Grab Is Your Home Next

Many Anomalies at Lahaina DEW Attack


Some of these notes are added by me, not mentioned by Michelle Melendez.

“Hurricane DORA was not used for winds directly; rather, it was used to generate a voltage gradient from the sea up to the atmosphere. Lab-reproducible HUTCHISON EFFECT reveals that for the metal-disintegration and other microwave effects to have greatest effect, a voltage gradient is required. Recall the monster Class-3 HURRICANE ERIN at WTC on 911, driven there for 2 weeks prior by HAARP (with Navy planes flying in its eye, studying it like mad; all info still available search 2001 ERIN NOAA Navy plane). Look into ASCENSION ISLAND for other HAARP/EISCAT iono heaters. On 911 at WTC a particle beam weapon (61.1 miles away at an angle of 119 degrees and headquartered in building 911 at Brookhaven Natl Labs) was also employed to dustify the towers’ girders. In case of Lahaina, not so many girders so the particle beam aspect was not needed or used, apparently; the metals in Lahaina were instead super-heated by eddy currents induced by the microwaves. Powderized metals in the car window glass (to reflect heat rays from sun) explain the superheating in the glass. This same kind of superheating was also used at Balti Key Bridge – and a 95+ part series on the site listed below is there which details much of this tech. Recall that 911 also had hazy conditions. An EXCELLENT docu is 911 ALCHEMY which details nearly everything; much of it applies to Lahaina and all the many, mamy other WED attack sites. The (‘CON’) followed by (“”SPIRA””) followed by “O” then “R” then “G” site has deep archives on all this material. The “is your house next” byline to the book is incredibly apropos, as many persons living ‘outside the grid’ will soon be learning first-hand. Remember that absurd but real “spontaneous human combustion” media hype in the 50s, 60s, early 70s? Test-run. Why do you think lead paint and aluminum siding (which shield/defray monitoring and beam blasts) were done away with ‘for our benefit’ ? LOL!”

Two Mobile HAARP Blaster Domes Present

Great Lahaina Fire Great Maui Land Grab Is Your Home Next

One at Big Island. Another in Oahu.

“Impossible” Atmospheric Clouds

Great Lahaina Fire Great Maui Land Grab Is Your Home Next

Suspicious RADAR Blackout

BELOW: At the exact time of Lahaina burn-out … cloud RADAR suspiciously offline / unavailable.

Great Lahaina Fire Great Maui Land Grab Is Your Home Next

Mistified Atmosphere Prior to DEW Attack

Great Lahaina Fire Great Maui Land Grab Is Your Home Next

Hurricane DORA – Atmospheric Voltage Gradient Generator

Great Lahaina Fire Great Maui Land Grab Is Your Home Next

“The KCRA Chief Meteorologist Mark Finan [who declared on-air the DORA HURRICANE too far away to be directedly responsible / not responsible for the high-winds] “retired” not long after that broadcast after about 25 years at that news station.”

Police Chief John Pelletier, Psychopathic Bully?

Great Lahaina Fire Great Maui Land Grab Is Your Home Next

The business about Police Chief John Pelletier, perhaps a ‘Zionic Bully’, being installed into power over all objections (and even police officers quitting) is suspicious, particularly given his history of having presided over the (supposedly) largest mass-shoahting killing in the 2017 Mandalay Bay / Las Vegas mega-event designed to anger mindlessly herdable zombies into abiding gun-grabbing legal reform.

Same psychopathic Zionic Bully clown in-charge at the worst mass-shooting (shoahting?) and also in-charge at the worst fire (phyre?) in US history. Total Coincidunce, no doubt!

(The Hawaii state law requiring one-year prior in-state residency for police chief was changed a few years prior to Pelletier’s installation — mentioned at 32:00 in)

“yes, these people that act in obvious local coordination to ruthlessly destroy a community or local culture are chosen according to their psych profile. They must show a significant lack of empathy and/or sociopathy and or malignant narcissism. And I believe they are obviously outsiders bought in to the locality with an agenda.”

Other “Officials” Similarly Illegitimate

That many other “officials” with suspicious backgrounds who were put into place and who have now fled office is also extremely telling. PAY ATTENTION WHEN YOUR LOCAL GOV IS REPLACED / UPENDED.

Blue things did not burn

Blue reflects blue light. Blue reflected the blue-frequency energy beam, apparently.

Great Lahaina Fire Great Maui Land Grab Is Your Home Next


ERIC WEST – Blue things that didn’t burn – @HAWAIIREALESTATE youtuber

Forensic Arborist Richard Braeme

FORENSIC ARBORIST RICHARD BRAEME is well worth watching his interviews.


has also been doing excellent investigating.


interviews with SHELBY of UNJECTED dating site also worth watching.

Trees survived whilst houses cremated down to white ash

White ash, not blackened residue.

Charred Animals Boiled Inside-Out



Frog — hollowed out, mostly water inside.

Dresden Germany WW2 —

“Bodies in Dresden supposed “firestorm” also burned inside-out, every single one in all pictures available — clothing intact. Hair unburned. That was no firestorm but another microwave attack, apparently. The microwaves are old tech, just perhaps the drone-ability with LASER-focus is new. Also in Dresden, railways not bombed, and not one single bomb crater in any photographed street.”

FOIA: 26 of 32 names on Maui Emergency Center sign-in sheet were blacked-out! FEMA? CIA? MIL?

Toxins found in water supply aftermath

Benzene and Touluene found in Maui water supply after the fire; never seen before.

Fire Captain Matt Dakin

Special Police present.

Police Blockades Caused Citizens to Burn Alive

Police blockade, redirecting residents into the fire, looping again and again.

More dead Lahainans == Fewer Insurance Claims, Easier Land To Grab

FAA stopped all drones, planes.

Police caught lying that there were no police blockades.

Super Alarm System …silent

The weirdness of most advanced alarm system on Earth was kept off, officially because the manager did not want to alarm persons such that they ran into the fire!

Missing children

The many missing children. Out of initially claimed 4,000 children at home by themselves (without alarms, power, warning), official death count of children killed is 3.


The land-grab admitted by Gov Green on video.

Governor Green Traitor

Governor Green at UN/WEF conference promising HI as first smart-city/state/etc is a tratiro to USA — LOGAN ACT —– The law that makes it illegal for unauthorized individuals, including officials who are not the U.S. President, to negotiate with foreign governments is known as the Logan Act. The Logan Act was enacted in 1799 and is codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953. Relevant portion — “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

“Something was happening with the ground”

Microwaves being blasted up from inside the ground… ?

Project MINOS project between Fermilab and Brookhaven Labs is development of thru-solids / thru-ground microwave weaponry (think CERN, underground). I’ve been posting this since August last year; nobody replies or seems to notice. It’s like I’m in an youtube vacuum chamber…

Death Toll Bouncing Ball

Usual obfuscation by conflicting, constantly changing “facts”. Authorities are totally corrupt liars.

Celebrities, Moguls, Magnates, Tycoons Directly Involved


The Rock Dwayne Johnson

Larry Ellison (ORACLE)

Zuckerberg (Facebook)

USAF Amos lab atop Maui

Official Acts, Documents Revealing Weather Mod / War

National Weather Modification Act 13 Oct 1973

Bernard Eastlund Patent

Direct Energy Weapons Acquisition Act of 2016

JumpSMART Maui

Foreign “stakeholders”

Michelle Melendez copied the Maui Land Use Planning Guide document into ‘word’ and found that in 200 pages, the word “stakeholder” appears 47 times, but the word “homeowner” appears zero times. The word “cluster” appears 27 times.

Bill 3381 – Board of 9 Land Governors to Rule them All

200 citizens opposed it. 16 supported it. It ‘passed’ on to next agency, but the chairman of the next agency did not place the vote on the agenda, so the bill died in-process.

BlackRock, Vanguard, Klaus Schwab, WEF

Contracted to rebuild Ukraine.

BlackRock owns Hawaiian electric company, grid, power, etc. — See also

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