Baltimore Key Bridge #1 – Huge Fiery Bursts appear throughout night-time video, including some 5- to 10-storys in height

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Huge Fiery Bursts along Baltimore Key Bridge

Several strategic attack-spots ensure collapse

BELOW: “10 seconds of Hell” (in reverse).  Notice the fiery outbursts of apparently orange-hot molten steel girders on either side of the North Pillar.

Huge fiery bursts, Baltimore Key Bridge collapse due to Directed Energy Weapons
Huge fiery bursts, Baltimore Key Bridge collapse due to Directed Energy Weapons

BELOW: MP4 video of those horrible 10 seconds (fowards, then reverse) —

Similar effects at WTC on 911

BELOW:  Strongest steel girder “core columns” inside one of the World Trade Center towers disintegrate into dust within moments on 11 Sep 2001 in downtown Manhattan, New York.

In her book of collected evidence entitled “Where Did The Towers Go?” Dr Judy Wood coined as “dustification” the disintegration of solid materials into dust during onslaught by Directed Energy Weapons (“DEW”).  The directly related “Hutchison Effect” demonstrates laboratory-reproducible effects such as this (and others, including levitation; room-temperature melting of solid metals; and non-thermal fiery ignition of metals).

The technology causing these effects was publicly introduced by President Reagan in 1983 as “Star Wars” and subsequently weaponized by Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and other military weapons makers.  See and the Directed Energy Professionals Society, online since 1999, with military contractors openly selling books, classes, memberships in the DEW-makers club.

Same video, different speeds —

BELOW: This standard MP4 format video, cut from the unedited original and slightly brightened only plus overlaid URL, clearly shows all three major firey outbursts plus “dustification” of some steel girders.  Fiery outbursts appear at 1 second, 9-12 seconds, and 13-15 seconds.  Dustification appears clearest mainly to the upper-left side of the right (north) pillar at around 4 seconds (i.e., the steel girders pull apart and their solid look becomes transparent, like they are being turned into dust).  Dustification is suspected and somewhat visible at various other points along the steel support trusswork, including at the top-most girders.

BELOW: Same video, 1/2 speed

BELOW: Same video, 1/3 speed

BELOW: Same video, 1/4 speed

Original unedited webcam footage

Unstated (perhaps unintended) omission is rampant; more modified versions are available online than the original, raw, unedited!  Here is an original copied from StreamTime Live (which also seems suspect for its perfection (and per the interview with the camera’s owner/operator), but at least shows the entire steel truss span without any frame trimming) —

BELOW: This MP4 video, cut from the unedited original ( ) and slightly gamma-boosted to lighten the image, clearly shows all three major fireballs plus the dustification of the steel girders.

Dustification happens mainly to the left side of right pillar.  Breathtaking.  Hidden in plain sight.  A New Kind of weapon that’s invisible, can melt steel and turn it into dust within seconds…and that most people not only can not conceive but will not believe even when they see it (OKC, 911, Pentagon, Key Bridge, and more).  It’s hard to imagine reality in light of this Finger-of-God superweapon.

Timeline — all effects appear within 15 seconds

Huge Fiery Bursts along Baltimore Key Bridge

Firey Outburst #1 — at 1-second in — near south pillar, above and to the left of the ship — firey outburst is dull-orange, small and fleeting but it’s visible in the black smoke

Dustifying Girders — at 3-seconds in — to the left of the north pillar (frame-right), top-most steel trusses become semi-transparent as if dust no longer solid

Firey Outburst #2 — at 9- to 12-seconds in — to the right of the north pillar, firey outburst appears bright-yellow in-front of the tall high-voltage tower with flashing red light atop

Firey Outburst #3 — at 13- to 15-seconds in — the the left of the north pillar, firey outburst is large and almost resembles an explosion, estimated 5-storys tall

Note how all lights on the bridge extinguished before any fiery bursts occurred. High-tension power-lines had already been moved by BG&E up onto the much taller power towers that escaped involvement. Therefore, the fiery outbursts along the bridge do not appear to have been due to electrical wires sparking or shorting out.

The flaming outburst of girders that were superheated (presumably) by energy weapons can be seen in the original night time footage at these times (pause the video, then use comma and period keys to step through the footage frame-by-frame).

((( 1 ))) SPLASH 5:34 (the “splash” at the water-line is odd because the ship’s hull shows no scratches from pillar impact; instead, all damage is to the ship’s bow at deck height, much higher than water-line)

((( 2 ))) SUPERHEAT 5:43 (left-side of south pillar near ship)

((( 3 ))) SUPERHEAT 5:51 (right-side of north pillar)

((( 4 ))) SUPERHEAT 5:54 (left-side of north pillar)

((( 5 ))) DUSTIFICATION 5:44 Notice also how the structural steel just to the left of the north (right-most) pillar “dustifies” before its collapse – it changes from solid steel girder into dust whilst in mid-air.

This anomalous but irrefutable “damned data” is wholly inexplicable by normal means (particularly given the footage and images of evidence shown in the daytime light — especially the molten steel girders draped over and drooping from the north pillar, with ‘impossible’ bends and warps, without any stress cracks, like taffy on a hot summer day) and requires deeper knowledge.  Part 8 goes deeply into Directed Energy Weapons, President Reagan’s speech introducing such, and the military contractors and online associations long promoting such.

Images from these timecodes are below, but watching the second or two around each timecode makes the anomalies stand-out starkly.

Also strange are the facts of no trailing wake and no leading keel displacement of water.

Also strange is no audible recordings (nor reports) anywhere of the ship madly blasting its horns in warning.  Absence of warning horns seems very highly suspicious.

There are many, many more anomalies in the aftermath and details.

((( 1 ))) SPLASH at 5:34

((( 2 ))) SUPERHEAT at 5:43

((( 3 ))) SUPERHEAT at 5:51

((( 4 ))) SUPERHEAT at 5:54

I just found this close-up at 9:32 here

Look at that enormous fireball as the steel girders are superheated (presumably by directed energy weapons) and the anti-rust paint is burned away.  This happens within moments.

Below is the extreme right of the above image showing the fireball.

At least one of the huge fiery bursts of superheated steel seems to be 5 storys tall, and the consequent melting happens within two seconds.

Fireball immediately south of north pillar, presumably as directed energy weapon superheats steel girder, burning off its anti-rust paint

((( 5 ))) DUSTIFICATION at 5:44

The Gigantic White-Hot ‘Cutting Blast’

Shown in the ‘Zapruder 2.0’ B-roll footage captured supposedly serendipitously by two yammering trespassers at Fort Armistead national park.  Curiously, in the only known audio recording of the live event, there is Zero creaking metal heard, Zero splashdown head, Zero rumbling heard.  Also, as in the main original footage, there is a relatively short splashdown and Zero waves afterwards.  It’s as if the whole video were computer-generated.  Why this faking would have been done, who knows, but the horrible facts listed stand as otherwise inexplicable.

See Part #20 — Everything wrong with the absurdly miraculous “Zapruder 2.0” B-roll video

Baltimore & Chesapeake Bay Ship Watchers

Mike Singer, owner Baltimore & Chesapeake Bay Ship Watchers, helped set up StreamTimeLive camera that captured original footage.

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