Baltimore Key Bridge #2 – Baltimore Key Bridge List of Oddities, Anomalies, Unlikelihoods, Weirdness, Stuff highly “sus”.

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Baltimore Key Bridge List of Oddities

Anomalies. Unlikelihoods. Weirdness. Stuff highly suspect.

Baltimore Key Bridge List of Oddities: Gusset plate with bolts vanished by Directed Energy Weapons
What conditions of loading caused such otherworldly warping? Where did all those nuts and bolts vanish to?  “Vanish” is the Right Word because the holes show no distortions of anything having been “pulled through”, and there are no sheared-off or bent fasteners — in fact, all fasteners are either wholly present and untouched as if nothing ever happened, or they have completely vanished without any trace as if they had never been installed in the first place.  There is no in-between as might be reasonably expected: Zero bolts are left mangled or dangling; moreover, the vanished fasteners are never (yet seen anywhere as) one-off but instead always occur in large groups and always at locations of suspiciously prevalent “insta-rust” (that must have happened, at warp-speed, since the event).  What can cause such amazing damage?  President Reagan introduced one capable means in 1983.

Questions, Oddities, Unlikelihoods, Anomalies, Impossibilities

++ Governor Wes Moore, a former Rhodes scholar, Army captain and investment banker, Maryland state’s first Black governor — Military background aligns with and augments unprecedented ‘unified command’ involving numerous governmental agencies.  Was his election assisted beyond Oprah de-facto endorsement?

++ Original Night-time footage (“Zapruder 2.0 A-roll”) and “Zapruder 2.0 B-roll” footage: All perfectly shake-free, timed, lit, framed, even zoomed.

++ There is no wake nor bow-sliced wave from the massive ship moving at 8 knots.  Where are any waves after the big splash-down of kilotons of weight?  There should be at least some wave after the massive splashes from the heavy bridge girders and roadway.

++ There should be some kind of  horn blaring from the ship.  No recordings nor reports of such.

++ Suspiciously unidentified “witnesses” galore.

++ Original mayday recording from ship crew member, pilot, captain — where is that?  VHS channel 16, cellphone to 911, instead some baloney about very first call was made to MDTA.

++ Slow to identify work-crew victims — have they been verified real?

++ Still not identified captain, pilots.

++ Fantastically unlikely response by authorities (as in: under 30 seconds) supposedly stopped all bridge traffic.  (Explains the few fatalities.  Fewer fatalities reduces investigations, lawsuits, angry families demanding answers.  Recall how the airplanes involved in 911 were up to 80% empty.) TODO link to official timeline showing sub-30-second periods for all key points.

++ Superman-quick police response to shutdown bridge (and yet leave the supposed work crew out to perish; fire-rescue radio recording reveals that a police/fire first-responder drove past the work-crew at least once but did not stop to alert!  plus, zero comment as to ominous closeness of ship or of its apparent full-reverse engines belching black smoke; plus, zero mention or recording of warning airhorn blasts that should have been blaring from the ship) — TODO map showing 3-mile distant before turn-arounds, 1:30 minimum time for squad car travel 90 mph; video shows no such vehicle.

++ Previous Maryland Governor Hogan had promised for years that Baltimore would become a top-tier port able to handle the largest cargo ships.

++ 4 of the largest cargo cranes arrived from China a few years ago, to handle the biggest cargo ships.

++ Baltimore Gas Electric raised its high-tension lines a few years ago, with enough clearance for biggest cargo ships.

++ FSK Bridge height and pillar width already maxxed-out, limiting throughput of single shipping channel.

++ Biden instantly there within 24 hours, full funding promised;

++ Essentially full militarization of project across numerous agencies (ex-military governor put in place, er, elected) “Unified Command”

++ Prolonged secrecy of identities of captain, pilots, and weirdness with work crews’ names/identities;

++ Incredibly unlikely first call made to MDTA and not VHF-16 or 911 via cellphone – plus the absence of the recording of this call (and in fact the substitution of a first-responder’s exquisitely calm over-radio call from MD Fire/Rescue chief en-route to the radio-base/dispatcher that is falsely touted as the initial call — the initial call was by definition from captain, pilot, boson or another on the ship’s bow);

++ Extremely unlikely complete absence of warning horns (either reported or recorded) blaring from the ship alerting to its inevitable allision;

++ Ship’s weird electrical outages; reported by NTSB initial as four total outages.

++ Zapruder-2.0 style of perfectly-lit, perfectly-framed, perfectly-timed master/main footage of the event. Part #1

++ Odd Zapruder 2.0 B-roll footage made by trespassers at Fort Armistead and uploaded to youtube within minutes, also suspiciously perfectly no-shaking, timed, lit, framed, even zoomed (zoom seen in B-roll only). Most important (A) for audio track (which records no steel creaking nor splashdown rumble/impact, etc); (B) white-hot outburst at north end of trusswork; verifies (C) no warning horn nor (D) consequent waves (of any height) after tremendous weight falling full distance. Part #20

++ Odd avoidance in most mass-media (and all military / federal media provided for public) of the ‘wilted gun’ massive evidence that is the molten, distorted girders hanging from the North Pillar;

++ Surprising lack of casualties, and the convenient language/culture barrier of those claimed to be casualties — who/where is their supervisor, for example;

++ “build back better” media-mantra mentioned by Baltimore Mayor, same as highly suspicious Lahaina fire; the pre-ready glib marketing blib-blab: “Maryland Strong, Baltimore Tough”.

++ Gas-line / no gas-line underneath – and other unsourced rumors;

++ Gematria of event and numerology of 47 (also explored in part #2 of this series);

“Oprah” figures into the energy weapons by way of associations with the similar DEW attack at Lahaina, Hawaii

++ Movement/heightening of BGE power lines just prior to apparently orchestrated calamity;

++ Years of grand public promises by prior Maryland Governor (Hogan), etc to make Baltimore huge port superpower (requiring taller, wider shipping lanes, despite then being strictly limited by / impossible-due-to-severe-chokepoint that was the Key Bridge);

++ Name-game: Md Gov Wes Moore and Michael Moore of Tradepoint Atlantic;

++ Unlikely convenient presence of Chesapeake-1000 barge crane immediately south of Bay Bridge not even 24 hours after the collapse – like a pre-marshalling of resources indicating foreknowledge of event, similar to the many PGE electric vehicles seen in Paradise Cali before the burn-down there;

++ Impossible damage to the ship bow/hull – exactly akin to the absursity of a butterknife somehow lopping off big chunk of a refrigerator door;

++ Unusually large 2-mile exclusion zone around the wreckage and drone-free mandate per FCC, preventing most public observation, photography, videography;

++ Molten, orange fiery outbursts seen in original footage, plus the white-hot outbursts at various points in the upper girderwork; appears in A-roll and B-roll footage (but not C-roll).

++ Otherwise inexplicable molten structural steel girders left draped over and drooping from the North Pillar like wet noodles or taffy melted in summertime. Part #7

++ Missing steel trusswork in the SONAR + LIDAR images of submerged superstructure, already being pre-programming by Col Estee Pincasin as “pancaked” and ‘disappeared or sunk into mud’;

++ Apparently “dustified” solid structural steel that visibly in the original footage, fades from solid to transparent. Part #1

++ Rapidly-rusted steel girders in the wreckage (superheating rapidly increases rusting), plus the impossible noodle-like bends all without any appreciable cracking.

++ Many many oddly missing structural steel bolts and nuts, with nut and bolt completely absent / not-present as if they never exist, exactly similar to the many similarly absent nuts/bolts in WTC 911 wreckage (essentially all WTC 911 girders’ ends show 4 utterly empty holes without any evidence of fasteners!)

++ Many impossible noodle-like bends in many of the hardened structural steel girders that can not be explained by any loading scenario or physics.

++ Quick-clean-up reminiscent of the 911 WTC crime-scene rush (unusual speed may be enabled by lack of debris, which apparently partly substantially turned into dust).

++ Already-profitable GoFundMe campaigns suspiciously and possibly fraudulently (per gofundme guidelines) not directly clearly naming any beneficiaries, as reported by Peggy Hall.

++ Dustified steel that appears in original footage to turn into dust whilst in mid-air (solid steel girders become translucent then vanish whilst in full view).

++ Strange lack of ship wake or bow-plow.

++ Even more strange absolute lack of any waves created (in original footage) after the massive splash-downs of the kiloton-heavy roadway and bridge sections.

++ Fact that zero American mass media has ever referred to the event as an “accident”.

++ Extremely unlikely ‘cleanliness’ of the debris — how it exists mostly in fully-toppled sections, ready for easy cutting, sized appropriately for the Chesa-1000 crane, available barges, and available nearby Sparrows Point / Tradepoint Atlantic;

++ Arrival in Baltimore of 4 massive Chinese cranes not long before the Key Bridge knock-down, made for on/offloading the largest current cargo ships, despite the fact that the Key Bridge had been far too short with footings far too narrow to accomodate such massive vessels;

++ Extensive mass-media hoopla (and essentially promises) made over years by former Governor Hogan about Baltimore becoming a leading premier super-port despite the monumental chokehold that had been the Key Bridge;

++ Col Estee Pinchasin’s extremely odd 911-terminology invocation of “pancaking” to describe the submerged and now vanished massive trusswork — this was mentioned as having sunken into the mud, since, hey, that lie and deception worked before with Flight 193 in Shanksville…another mind-shanking intended, no doubt;

No ship horns blaring
No wake nor bow displacement
No big waves after the big splash-down
No upset initial call(s)

Weird, studio-like/practiced calmness of once-in-ever mass-casualty response
Odd switcharoo of massmedia, falsely labeling the first-responder radio message as initial call
No recording released on any calls made from ship
Baloney story of initial call being to MDTA instead of 911 via cell or VHF 16 emergency hailing
Who were the first responders recognized for their sub-30-second perfect response time?

Unknown / hidden identities

ship captain
harbor pilots
ship crew
weird name-changing, unknowns, lost-in-translation
possibly illegals

Buried in mud

LIDAR SONAR reveals much missing steel/material, just like WTC after 911 – DEW turned steel into dust
see its own part, as this will grow

Missile-like bow-on Bullseye hit, missing all “dolphins”; no far more likely glancing blow.

No shaking tremor of night time camera

Cutoff of supposed MDTA on-bridge traffic camera

Evidence of CGI — 2 disappearing birds

Explored more in Part 57

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