Baltimore Key Bridge #19 – Chesapeake 1000 crane sat adjacent to Bay Bridge within 24 hours after Key Bridge event – Pre-readiness indicates Foreknowledge

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From a video comment — “BTW, I saw that super crane (and at least one other) moored just south-east of and immediately adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge not even 24 hours after the Key bridge impact, as if the event had been pre-staged, the cranes already nearby. I haven’t heard (yet) about FEMA or any nearby ship-destroys-bridge training operation, like in so many mass shootings and wildfires.”

Persistent rumors note that the Chesapeake-1000 supercrane was spotted moored immediately south of the hour-distant Chesapeake Bay Bridge not even 24 hours after the calamity.

Pre-readiness suggests foreknowledge.

Or, maybe that ultra-convenient spot is the crane’s usual home port.

If so, why then any delay before the crane’s arrival for service?  …given that every extra moment  that those vehicles were trapped underwater meant more likely drowning demise…

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