Baltimore Key Bridge #20 – Everything wrong with the miraculous ‘Zapruder 2.0’ Alt-angle / B-roll video

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The ‘Zapruder 2.0 B-roll’ video provided by “Toby Gutermuth” of two trespassers at Fort Armistead recording the event seems to match the main Zapruder 2.0 video.  No flashing light of any work truck is visible at the far (distant) north-end of the overhead trusswork; however, a ‘white-hot burst’ is visible, presumably an attack point of the Directed Energy Weapons which seem to provide the obly plausible explanation for all evidence.  Aside from its shake-free perfect timing, perfect zooming and perfect framing, this video is highly suspicious also because it shows zero waves after the splash-down and also records zero impact sound, zero creaking steel sounds, and zero splash-down sounds, despite clearly recording audio.  Also curious and perhaps criminal is zero presence of warning horn blasts from the ship!  Sound conveys extremely well over water, especially at cool temperatures.  That nothing audible is recorded except voices and some kind of atmospheric ‘room tone’ is remarkably suspicious.

Everything wrong with the miraculous Zapruder 2.0 B-roll footage — anomalies, ‘impossibilities’

Not only was the de-facto ‘official’ night-time footage of the Event perfectly framed, perfectly-lit, perfectly-timed, so too was the unlikely ‘alt angle’ corroboration —

Are national parks in Baltimore unpoliced as suggested by more than a few comments attached to this video?

RE this video

Reportedly appeared online within minutes after event.  Somewhat plausible.

Zero audio of allision (collision)

Zero audio of splash-downs.

Zero audio of creaking steel ripping apart.

Zero camera shake or vibration, may qualify for ‘Least shaky cellphone camera footage in known human history’ award.

Perfect Zoom-in/out.

Perfect timing to capture event.

Perfect framing.

Perfect lighting.

Zero waves visible from massive splash-downs.

Zero wake, zero leading / bow-displacement wave.

Zero horn blown; very exceedingly unlikely, perhaps even criminal.

Cameraman seems unphased but acting so; words emotionlessly shallow, as if expecting the calamity.  Surprise seems feigned.

All Extremely unlikely; seemingly staged.

“Zapruder 2.0-B”

Contrast: “I live less than 2 miles from the bridge. The noise woke me up and shook our house.” Comment to original night time footage the other part on oddly anonymous “eyewitnesses”.


“Fort Armistead filming location, illegal, homosexual — “I live in Baltimore, where those guys are standing is called fort armistead, there are only two reasons they would be there at night and that would be drugs or homosexual activity, both run rampant there over night.” AND “A third reason could be it’s because they were employed to film this Zapruder 2.0 B-roll masterpiece.”

“Why is no one calling emergency services though?”

“To the right of the bridge there was like three or four little explosions you see the Sparks of fire”

“Feds Recently Hit Cargo Giant [Maersk Line Limited] In Baltimore Disaster For Silencing Whistleblowers Regulators cited Maersk for its “illegal policy” blocking employees from reporting safety concerns to the Coast Guard. MAR 26, 2024”

“Any body hear a horn from the ship bro??”

“I find it hard to think that a neighbor was out with a camera waiting for a bridge to collapse at 1:30am. It appears that someone knew the bridge was going down and was there to take pictures.”

“Kind of strange to be filming this at the perfect time”

“I’m not a fan of conspiracy but why does the second pillar blow up in a fire work show at 18 to 20 seconds after the entire bridge is down already. It just exploded of its own accord lol”

“Why is a guy just randomly taking video of river at 1.30am in morning to conveniently get this. Very suspicious”

“Guys this is a voice over. It’s faeke AF”

“Strange how all the media avoid talking about that string of cars plunging in.”

“Can’t see it in this view, but in other views of this you can see explosions and molten metal on the bridge away from the actual crash site.”

“This video is a plant for sure”

“Yeah, NO WAY! What a scam.  Why were they filming there at that exact moment, and said those horribly rehearsed lines.”

“They wanted to bring down the bridge n they planned this”

“What was he doing filming the bridge early in the morning, almost seems staged. Break a Bridge cause a break in the supply chain in an effort to cause shortages!”

“Convenient the entire thing was just randomly filmed right?”



“This is basically what happened in South Padre Island years ago.”

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