Baltimore Key Bridge #13 – North Pillar cleaned of DEW evidence

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North Pillar cleaned of DEW evidence

Jay Ostering — footage of first large piece moved during the night
0:40 into

As we predicted on 6 Apr in Part #5, the North Pillar has been quietly “cleaned” of its massive “wilted gun” evidence out-of-logical-order.

The structural steel girders that were left “impossibly wilted” and draped, drooping from the North Pillar — which were on the northern side of the North Pillar (and thus far away from the new 35-foot deep temporary channel said to be the most important priority), the side facing away from the temporary channel — have been cleared quietly, possibly in the night, without any press notoriety or close-up footage or photographs having been made public.

BELOW: Local news (FOX45 Baltimore) footage shot 18 Apr shows massive drooping girders have been removed from the North Pillar  — the girders which had shown clear evidence of having been attacked by a directed energy weapon had been drooping on the north side, the side of the pillar facing away from the camera.

North Pillar had its “wilted gun” evidence (of energy weapon having been used to take-down the bridge) quietly removed out-of-logical order — before the temporary shipping channel had been cleared.

Part 4 is an in-depth look at the North Pillar and the several “impossibly wilted” steel girders which had been unintentionally left hanging after the take-down attack — allowing those with understanding and ‘eyes to see’ to understand this entire event was anything but accidental.

Steel girders wilted like hot taffy, by directed energy weapons? What else can do this? President Reagan announced this technology in 1983 ("STAR WARS"). Clearly it works.
ABOVE: ‘Smoking, wilted gun’ — the ‘impossibly’ melted-like-hot-taffy steel girders left drooping over the north pillar, apparently having been superheated by directed energy weapon.  The Key Bridge couldn’t raised, and its footings, already constricting the shipping channel, couldn’t be widened. A new bridge couldn’t be built (budget, politics), but a replacement sure could – much taller, much wider, allowing much bigger ships and many more of them. Therefore: Consider as Most Likely the evidenced ‘planned destruction’ as a least-resistance path to success.  Former ‘impossibilities’ suddenly inverted into reality.  Many more pictures of the impossibly-melted girders on the north pillar are in Part 4



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