Baltimore Key Bridge #28 – ‘Cantilevered Collapse’ explanation proved another falsehood by original construction photos

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In this case only one single photo is required to dismiss the Big Lie.

BELOW:  Original construction photo shows the major portion (almost reaching the half-way apex of the entire bridge!) sitting atop the North Pillar is perfectly stable, cantilevered by the portions further north (towards photo-left), closer to the north shore — the overall weight is balanced upon the North Pillar.  Also note the massive portion sitting perfectly stable atop the South Pillar, despite its precarious appearance.  What actually caused the series of catastrophic collapses of each segment were the several strategically-made (and timed!) directed energy blasts along the bridge’s trusswork, from south (at the ship) to the north.  These strike points are all plainly evidenced in the original night-time footage showing the orange-hot outbursts or ‘molten infernos’ as the steel was superheated by eddy currents induced in the steel by the directed energy blasts.  Had the several points not been successively superheated and thus weakened, made into softened, wilting, molten steel noodles, then it is likely that the bridge would have kept standing as it had all throughout its construction.  Just like with 911, every single ‘official’ explanation or story is easily proven false by readily-available data, historical information and simple reasoning.  The scary part is that a few diabolical persons had to plan and then execute this, and they are on-the-loose with powerful exotic weaponry at their disposal that apparently escapes comprehension by most humans.

But here’s another —

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